Fire Julien form

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    Re: Fire Julien form

    Anyone who feels that cj and pc should syill be here , the ur losers just like these bruins.

    In the sake of pride, integrity , prestige, u fire everyone, this has to bring punishment , if u like it or not. Any first rate team would this but then again bruins are a garbage organization and there u have it and now u see it.

    u totally transform this team and kill every loser on board.

    do u understand where the credibilty of this team  has gone after tonight, do u realize the severity of this disgusting display. its wordless,its apalling, it's the bruins

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    Re: Fire Julien form

    How can a team that was so dominating in the 1st period then be absolutely flat the 2nd period. Learn nothing from the previous 3 games played? In the third period its too late.

    Julien controls the teams behaviour and mentalily. He said nothing after the 1st intermission or even after the 2nd goal to get that live energy through to his guys.

    FIRE HIM please. He doesn't have plans nor knows h ow to prep his guys in big game situation. He would be a better assistant coach in the nhl as a defensive specialist or junior hockey coach. Before we fire you PC find a coach with balls and that can lead a team by his presence alone
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    Re: Fire Julien form

    3 game 7 losses, 3 years in a row....I dunno if it's him, or the players they've chosen to pay, or the soft a** system they play or a combination of all three...all I know is that it hurts, and I lean toward giving the nod to someone else.  Masterful coaching job by Peter Laviolette on the other hand.  Great adjustments and man what a crucial time-out when the b's were up 3-0.
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    Re: Fire Julien form

    Julien was fine but his system is useless anymore. Time for new blood. His comments after the game prove he's an idiot.
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    Re: Fire Julien form

    Firing is too good for this guy - he should be demoted to janitorial services in the Garden after this game.....

    But seriously, he seems like a good guy, just not a great coach, at least not for this team (or Jersey, etc.)

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    Re: Fire Julien form

    In Response to Re: Fire Julien form:
    In Response to Re: Fire Julien form : And does that make him any less of a fan Jerk off? U know for once Id like to meet someone like you who think fans should only have something smart to say.. Something educated to say.. U know why?? So I can shove my c!!k up ur a!! 4 real! and you can tell me how good it feels in your very educated way. Ill break your MOTHERFEN back!
    Posted by Bruinizm

    Show some class would ya...and yes ,you should have something smart to say instead of pathetic threats behind your keyboard...
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    Re: Fire Julien form

    I said on a previous post that it would be CJ's fault we lost if he didn't put some scoring in the lineup after Krejic went down. He put in Whitfield instead of the younger Marchand or any other young player who would have given as spark and more of a chance to score. Cj is not willing to change or take the chance to even try to make his team better. He is stubborn and set in his ways which up to this point has not done well in the playoffs. CJ did not ice the best team possible to give his team the best chance to win and didn't motivate the players he had and did not make the necessary ajustments to counter Phillies attack and for this he should be fired.
    He didn't shorten his bench to get his better players on the ice to try and score more or didn't double shift players who could have scored. He over used the 4th too much and just made to many bad decisions. I cannot blame the players who have a coach that makes poor decisions and puts a paasive attiude into their and it shows on the ice. It seems the players have tuned him out and for this he should be fired.