Game 4 Musings

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    Game 4 Musings

    Chara is tired and playing too many minutes - it causes him to coast alot putting pressure on Boychuck.  he would be better playing less minutes.

    Wideman and Hunwick deserve kudos for all the flagging they have taken this year in the regular season.  They are undersized yet have taken the forward pressure well and moved the puck without alot of mistakes.  They have jumped into the play and created offense as well.

    Paille needs to come off the top line.  Great wheels and no hands has turned the Bergeron line into a 2 player line offensively.  

    Sobotka also needs to create something.  he flops around but does nothing on offense.  

    Whitfield is not the answer.

    I dont follow the baby B's at all so dont know who could be injected into the line up other than Marchand, but am wondering what Suave's speed might look like with Bergeron and Recchi.  I know its aggressive to call up a rookie to the playoffs but lets face it the Bruins were outplayed in game 3 for sure.  

    The current line up should get past the Flyers, but their chances beyond that are slim so why not add dimensions to the line up that are missing.

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    Re: Game 4 Musings

    Good post.
    I think the Bruins can call up only 4 from their AHL team.  I was with with bringing up Sauve although I don't think management wants to play with his rookie status for reasons that are in fine print under the current CPA.
    Julien is as conservative as it gets,  he'll stick with Whitfield although they can still go with Marchand and have Begin play center.
    As for moving on and how far they will go I don't like to talk about  but I'll say there will be time and place Julien will have no choice to play Marchand or maybe my move, Max Sauve!
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    Re: Game 4 Musings

    "Sobotka also needs to create something.  he flops around but does nothing on offense"....  unfortunately he can't because he lacks offensive knowhow....  he's been moved up due to injuries but he's not more than an energy fourth-liner....  Wheeler on the other hand showed some offensive flair last year but has lost it since and doesn't even put his large frame to use physically....  maybe he needs a wake-up call like being sat down....  as for Whitfield, really?....  doesn't say much for the b's confidence in former top ten pick Hamill....
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    Re: Game 4 Musings

    I'm hearing a lot of negatives, but I didn't see as many, as I watched the game.  The fact of the matter is: The bRUINS kept coming back.  In fact, they sent the game into OT, to the chagrin of the home crowd.  Although one might be able to pick out some instances, overall the team did not look too bad.
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    Re: Game 4 Musings

    They did come back and the game was up for grabs in OT, but Chara did look very sluggish and pretty clumsy at key times late in gm. He also made a few bad decisions with outlet passes, maybe fewer minutes would improve his game a bit.

    I agree on Paille with Bergy and Recci, it just doesn’t seem to be a good fit for the three of them.

    What does CJ know that we don’t?   Looking from the outside in, Suave or Lehtonen seems like a better replacement for Krejci than Whitfield, CJ has to know something we don’t???