Gave up way too much

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    In Response to Re: Gave up way too much : Meanwhile, for some odd reason, the fans here keep coming back for more.
    Posted by russgriswold

    Including yourself.  Team ownership isn't going to change anytime soon.  If you dislike it so much, there are 29 other teams.  Feel free to pick one of them and heap praise on the owner and GM over at their newspaper discussion board.
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    Re: Gave up way too much

    Good replies to the post....IF Wideman returned to 2yrs ago type play and which player would be available at the 15th spot, are key to this trade. Wideman impressed 2seasons ago, but last season he did struggle. And I agree, his skating was sub par getting back. Very curious to see who Florida picks in the 15th spot !

    Plus from what I've read, Horton is injury prone. Another risk. We could end up no puck moving D man for most of the season. Tough job being a GM. Go B's Go !!!
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    Re: Gave up way too much

    IYou have limitrd hockey knowledge!!!!!!!!! This is a great trade
    B's replaced the 15th pick with the 3rd pick-Horton
    Wideman was terrible, remember the giveaway in the playoffs against the Sabresn Response to Gave up way too much:
    I hope there's plan B in place to replace that 15th pick with another 1st rounder Dennis for Horton and no 32 would have been sufficient but our 15th and a 3rd rounder next year too much. We're not talking about a 40 goal scorer here with blazing speed this is a bit of step up from what we have now I am really pissed about this!
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    Re: Gave up way too much

    People want to forget that Tallon was Director of Player Personnel in the years prior to the stretch of awfulness that let them draft Toews and Kane.  That is, he's the guy who should have gotten them the players that would keep them from drafting 4th overall, first overall.  And he had high picks then, too.  He was also part of the management team that got fleeced for a high first round pick by Brian Burke, which was the key to the Canucks drafting the Sedins.  He's also the guy who thought, hey, here's a good idea, why don't I sign $13M+ in free agent goaltenders? He's not a magician or a genius.  He spent 16 years in the media as a color commentator. He has a method and that method worked in Chicago.  He will try to duplicate his success in Florida.  I don't know if he'll be there long enough for it to bear fruit.

    Griswold, you do a great job of sounding like something I'd read in National Lampoon.  Yay, the Leafs TRY!  Is there a special Stanley Cup for that?  You want to emulate the one organization with an even longer drought of even greater futility than the Bruins?  And you want to give them "market pressures" as an excuse when they've sold out their barn since it was built despite not getting a sniff of the Cup Finals in over 40 years?  I thought you hated excuses, but you'll give Wideman a pass because everyone else was stinking it up? But then, you don't seem to like it when the players are held accountable, which makes me wonder what their excuses are.  You rip PC for the talent regressing for one year, but say nothing about it progressing the two and three years previous.  Just so I understand, then - it is always the players who get credit for playing well?  It is always management who are responsible for players not playing up to their potential?

    But back to the Leafs.  They'd have been MacBeth's team what with all the sound and fury signifying nothing.  They make moves to make moves.  They have since Harold Ballard's profanity rang down from his box at MLG.  They've made as much sense as not trading Ian Turnbull for god. (God is a way better skater.)  The closest they've come to making moves with purpose was under Fletcher's first command when they fleeced the 'diques for Sundin and fleeced Calgary for Gilmour, McCoun, and more.  Fletcher's most famous comment, of course, was "draft schmaft" so he's probably not the guy to run a cap-era team.