To all you BLIND MICE that continue to follow this loser organization, I have 3 words for you - GET A LIFE! The Ruins have NO chance of winning a Cup. The organization suffers from a terrible Front Office that hands out bad contracts ( See Thomas, Sturm, Savard ) , botches up drafts and trades, has a Coach that will not complete his contract - trust me, he will be fired!  

Take an honest look at other teams like Chicago, Caps, Pens, Sharks, Flames, Kings, they are loaded with real talent that wins championships.

But , to all of you who will continue to keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best, I guess I cannot fault you and that you are better fans than I.

I am just so disgusted, frustrated, disappointed..I am not a johnny come lately, I have been watching the Bruins since Orr first started.

Its just that I have seen lunchpail mentality not work over and over again we lose to more talented teams..its simple really.

and now we have more of the same..

or the years when we were a 1 line team and ownership did nothing to help take us over the top, its still the same guys who own the Bruins so now wonder there is a misguided direction.

And sorry to say it cause I gave PC a chance , but he absolutely is one of the worst GMS I have ever seen! terrible terrible trades, lengthy contracts on old players,
I hope Chara will be gone - you can bank on it - this guy is so overrated its unreal! but who knows, maybe they will trade other decent players on the team to make room for an inflated contract for him too..

Bye for this year! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!