Glen Murray

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    Glen Murray

    The whole team is in an offensive slump. Has Murray put up numbers: No. Has he been involved, taking shots, swarming the net: Yes. Look at his stats vs. Savard, who makes a considerable amount more. They are damn close to the same except for Savards assists. Shots on goal are almost identical. Is Murray in a slump: Definitely. Does that mean we should unload a proven goal scorer after NOBODY on this team has been scoring and its only 16 games in: Definitely not. If Murray doesnt pull out of it after this year, fine, trade him, but I dont think we should be so hasty as to cut ties with a guy who can put up big numbers because he is in a slump through the first fifth of the season. There are other guys, like MF, who have done far less and looked far worse making big bucks too. Manny should go LOOOOOONG before Murray. Go back and look at last years posts where people were complaining about Kobasew and I swore he was a great pick up and another guy who has the potential to put up numbers. He is only one of three guys on the team that are scoring. The other 2 being Kessel and Sturm. Sturm is another guy people were all over last year saying get rid of and I was all for keeping him as he too is a goal scorer. Im sure glad you guys posting on this board arent running the team.
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    Glen Murray

    I honestly can't believe that teams are actually inquiring about him. He was a decent goal scorer years ago, but at this point provides very little to a team. If you can get someone to take him off the books, I say do it.
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    Glen Murray

    Lets put it into perspective a little more since he came back here:

    Year GP G A P

    01-02 73 35 25 60

    02-03 82 44 48 92

    03-04 81 32 28 60

    05-06 64 24 29 53

    06-07 59 28 17 45

    So in his second go round with the B's, his numbers are:

    359 163 147 310

    His career numbers are

    962 321 306 627

    Yeah, he HORRIBLE!!!!! Trade him right now, he'll never be ANYTHING AGAIN! Why is he even playing in this league???????? lmao

    Even if you figure in this years numbers:

    16 1 5 6

    That still makes his numbers in Boston since returning

    375 164 153 316

    If you guys think those are crap numbers, Id like to know who will put up better numbers for the same or less money.

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    Glen Murray

    What does Savard provide, at MORE MONEY, other than 2 more goals and a few more assists than Murray? And, at least Murray isnt a known rat diver. When Savard didnt play here he was hated little rat of a player, now he is here and he is the savior? Come on. There are a lot more guys on this team that have proved, season after season, they have far less to contribute than Murray. Lets start swapping them out first, huh? Again, 16 games of a guys career means absolutely nothing. If he plays like this all year, fine, trade him, but Ill go on record right now saying no matter where Glen is, he'll have at least 2 more 25+ goal season, and if he gets traded, depending on where he goes he could have another 30+ goal season/seasons. The guy is a scoring machine in a slump. Nothing more, nothing less. Again, nobody on the team is doing squadouche except for Kessel, that bum Kobasew and that slow bum nobody Sturm (at least thats what those 2 were being called on this board last year and people were demanding Sturm be traded, thank god or Peter C. he wasnt). Again, I sure am glad some of you posting dont run this team. We'd probably have Paul Kariya here!!! lmao
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    Glen Murray

    Yeah, Murray has nothing to add after watching last nights game. Only about 5 chances at an empty net where the puck was bouncing, passed behind him, on edge, etc. He has been snakebitten this year, PERIOD! He coulda had 5 or 6 last night, its just not going his way. It amazes me for a guy that people claim cant skate, cant score, is a bum, etc., I saw him open so many times with so many chances it wasnt funny. His name was called more than Thomas for crying out loud. He'll go on a streak, as he always does. Again, nobody has been doing much, you cant blame just Glen.
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    Glen Murray

    You're a reall idiot you know that. How many years in a row has he had a 20 goal season and what about his 45 goal season a couple years ago.
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    Glen Murray

    ...." it is all about what you have done lately", and in Murray's case it has been ZIPPO ...Not that I'm a huge Murray fan and would like to see him packaged up last month in a trade... I take it you really don't follow the Bruins and just #### on them.á The guy was out for a month and a half with a hip problem [hipflexor ??] and is probably still going to end up in the 20's in goal production.áJay

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    Glen Murray

    I love Glen Murray, well DID, and I agree that it's still impressive he's come back from injury and might still end up with 20 goals, but he really does look awful this year. Every year his skating gets worse and worse, I've never seen a player in the NHL that skated like that. If he doesn't have his feet planted to the ice he can't even shoot, it's like he has cinder blocks on his feet, he looks totally lost sometimes.áHe's also a penalty machine, the guy cannot keep his stickádown.áAmazing shot power and accuracy, great forechecker, but when you watch him you can tell his final years are coming up soon and I'd like to see him gone by next year for the sake of clearing up salary for a younger guy with potential.

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    Glen Murray

    I know guys Murrays not putting up the numbers we'd like but then again the teams kinda in a lil funk right too.Seems when that happens everyones down on there game.What have we scored 2 goals last 2 games.Hardly any reason to get excited.Him and Savard are driving me NUTS with there Hooking penalties especially late in games.Very undisciplined @ times.Now with Ward out it's gonna really be crucial that someone else step up and score some goals or Bruinsnation hang on for dear life as it could get hairy out there next week or two.We need to get Kobasew going again.áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá WASP