Grades after a pathetic season.

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    Grades after a pathetic season.

    I guess I have nothing better to do and I'm not tired. So, I'll rank the Bruins.

    Chara - B-
    Not a great season, but not horrible either. Some of you have pointed out that he DID play like a wild man at the olympics. Didn't look the same for the Bruins and I wonder why.

    Savard - B
    Tough season, but Savard has turned into a good Bruin. Pretty tough guy, plays hurt, good face of the franchise, cap-friendly contract. Get him a winger who can score.

    Lucic - B-
    We'll never see 50 goals in 44 games, but this kid really does have potential. He has to realize that he's not Wayne Gretzky. He needs to hit people and shoot!, not try to dangle the puck through traffic.

    Bergeron - A-
    Consistent. Good season. Good Bruin.

    Recchi - B+
    Cap friendly, good teammate, useful player. Was one of the best Bruins in the playoffs. Hope they bring him back if his old bones can take another season.

    Krejci - B
    Started slow, but came on strong.

    Ryder - D
    What a useless bum. Go back to Newfoundland or wherever you came from and buy your brother a dime bag.

    Sturm - C-
    Strange case, but Sturm is a decent player. Should have had more of an impact. But didn't.

    Paille - C
    Perfect example of why a GM shouldn't cave in to fan pressure. Kobasew was the guy without a chair when times were tough early on, and Paille was a step down.

    Satan - B-
    Not a bad mid-year pickup. He impressed me. He didn't score as much as we hoped, but did contribute with some timely goals and solid play. Good playoffs too.

    Wheeler - D
    I really don't think this kid is very good, they need to let him go. Too much of a Hal Gill temperment. He's just a big guff out there.

    Thornton - B
    Some of you get down on Thornton, but he's a good Bruin, a good teammate, and knows his role. Barely a cap hit, does his job, and isn't a liability. Created plenty of chances for himself this year too. Not his fault that Julien put him out there many games, down by a goal with 1:30 left.

    Begin - D
    This guy did nothing all year. Ok, maybe a D+ since he did do alright killing penalties.

    Hunwick - C
    Yawn. Definitely a step back this year, but I expect him to be better and evolve into a decent Ference type of D-man.

    Ference - C
    We'll never know how much that union nonsense early in the year hurt the room, but overall a solid and useful player. 3 years @ 2.25 (is that right?) is too much though. There are other players who can fill his role. But we're stuck with him, and there are worse things than that.

    Boychuk - B
    This guy turned into a pretty solid player by the end of the season. Seems as though the playoff grind wore him down. Not surprising considering the injuries.

    Wideman - D
    Oh man, where to begin? This guy just needs to get out of Boston.

    Stuart - B+
    Probably the most consistent defenseman all year. Losing him definitely hurt in the playoffs. They need to keep this guy around.

    Seidenberg - Incomplete
    Don't expect to see him back, which is a real shame, but he seems to be a pretty good player.

    Sobotka - C+
    Tough kid, tries hard. Prone to making stupid mistakes, but at least his mistakes are from trying too hard rather than a lack of effort.

    Rask - A-
    The kid is for real. Hope they don't expect him to play 60+ games next year and trade Thomas for a bag of pucks without getting a decent backup somewhere. He'll end up being the goalie for a long time. After the last 20 year goaltending revolving door, it's nice to really have a good young prospect. Didn't seem as sharp in the second round, gave up a few goals that I'm sure he'd like back, but he didn't cost them a game.

    Thomas - C
    Didn't play badly, and I understand him not being happy about the backup role. He's got a few years left, he should waive his NTC and start over in Philly or Chicago. Thanks for your service, Timmy!

    Claude Julienne - D
    Baffling. How this guy won a trophy last year is beyond my comprehension. As noted above, Thornton on the ice with 1:30 left and down a goal? Does he ever double-shift anyone? Ryder/Wideman/Wheeler weren't scratched once this year? Too stubborn to put an "energy guy" (Marchand?) in to mix things up? Sheesh. Just married to his "system" I guess, but was disgracefully out-coached by Laviolette.

    Chiarelli - C
    I don't think they realized how much they were letting go from last year - Axelson, Hnidy, Ward, etc. Not a big fan of shipping out Chuckie and replacing him with Paille, but at least he didn't do something stupid at the deadline. Look at how much the Kovy trade helped NJ in the end.

    Overall - C-
    This team just couldn't get it together this year, lots of blame to go around. They were lucky to make the playoffs. Injuries didn't help, but it's not an excuse. They need to keep their decent core (Lucic, Bergeron, Krejci, Savard, Chara, Stuart, Boychuk, Rask) and get rid of the dead wood (Wideman, Ryder, Begin, Wheeler, Paille).

    Misc -
    Was Morris the cancer in the room? Things seemed to turn around once they shipped him off to Siberia.

    The bottom line -
    Up 3-0 in the series, lose 4-3. Up 3-0 in the game, lose 4-3. Need I say more? What an appropriate way to end the season for a team that really wasn't that good. As I said, plenty of blame to go around.

    Let's see if PC can right the ship next year without springing any new leaks in the boat.

    G'Night! :-)

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    Re: Grades after a pathetic season.

    My rankings:

    Chara - B- Good minus.  Can't get it dome in big games.

    Savard - B-.  Injured on and off.  Came through big in O.T. vs the Flyers, then disappeared.

    Lucic - C+.  Injured, yes.  However he changed his game totally, no fighting, minimal hitting.  Needs to muck it up more.

    Bergeron - A-
    Consistent. Good season. Good Bruin.

    Recchi - A-  Great teammate, leader.  Timely scoring. Give him one more year, if he wants it.

    Krejci - B-.  Had high expectations of him, but scoring was low.   Flashes of brilliance. Showed his value when he went down in the playoffs.

    Ryder - C-.  Needs to learn to shoot more and  play more consistant.  Not gonna happedn here.

    Sturm - C+.  Lead the team in goals, but disappeared at times.

    Paille - C. So good at getting breakawyas, can't finish.  Good D.

    Satan - B-

    Good scorer, not physical.  Good 3rd liner.

    Wheeler - C+ .  Pretty good scorer. Dissapeared in the playoffs.

    Thornton - C+.  Good physical presence.  No scoring.  

    Begin - C-.  Good penalty killing, but no offense. 

    Hunwick - C.  Needs improvement.

    Ference - C+.  A bit over rated, but solid at times.

    Boychuk - B+
    Great shot, good patience, great hitter.  Breakthrough year.

    Wideman - D+

    Bad year, good playoffs.

    Stuart - B.  Tough.  Made many less turnovers.

    Seidenberg - B. Solid.  Hope re re-sign him.

    Sobotka - B-.  No offensive talent.  Replaceable.  Works his buttoff.  Good effort!

    Rask - A.  Stepped right in and played great!

    Thomas - B-  Played pretty well and kept his mouth shut about the backup situation.  Stand up guy.

    Claude Julienne - B-

    Can't blame the coach for everything, as he did get them as far as they went with that roster.  Look at it again.  He did a good job, although the game 7 collapse was pathetic.

    Chiarelli - A-

    #2 Pick and 2nd rounder this year, #? next year for one player?  And we make it to the Conference Semis.  DUHHHH.

    Overall - B

    Dude they made is as far as last year, with many injuries!
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    Re: Grades after a pathetic season.

    Probably the most sensible thing I've read here all night.
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    Re: Grades after a pathetic season.

    I like these assessments.  Despite the range in CJ's ranking, each reflects him accurately.  Ditto for Chiarelli.  Well done!