Bruins should really be going after Hossa.áá Of the big name forwards available....he is the best one out there.ááá Bruins desparately need more offensive punch.áá Hossa would be a god-send on Savard's line.....or could be used on a second line.ááá It would take much of the focus, of opposing teams, off of worrying about only shutting down 1 line(Savard's).áááá A little more offensive balance is just what the doctor ordered.ááá Hossa is still relatively young.áá He's been a little quiet this year....but he could come here to Boston and be one of the best players in the league.ááá Marleau has had a really off year....I wouldn't gamble on him rebounding.ááá Hossa is better than Marleau anyways.ááá Sundin is great.....but he is 37 or 38.ááá