I'll say finally they get job done for sweeping the habs ans their some classless fans(unforetunatly)....they were the better team hands down , fair and square. you maybe surprised how many bruins fans as well habs fans downhere feel relief after the game though.....still a bit shocked about habs booing US national anthom because i don' think that we should (as a fans) mixing political issues to any sport. i know obnoxious peoples are everywhere and we can't help it,anyhow,now that series is over and honestly desapointed about excitment usually br's and habs brings up especially in playoffs...now fans,we need to move on and hoping that Boston will make it to the end.Keep up playing that way and see you next year.

PS:  Even if i don't like les Canadiens de montreal,i think they just discovered how to spell hockey team:Bruins ...LOL