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Ilya...what's the answer?

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    Ilya...what's the answer?

    OK It looks almost certain that Ilya is leaving Atlanta, and there are only a handful of teams that are mentioned, and yes Boston keeps getting mentioned. (remember he likes having Savard as his center) So guys, if he is re-signable, what is the price you would pay for him and what is your best trade offer to Atlanta?

    I say if he wants to come to Boston then it's 8-8.5M per and the trade is this. Bruins 1st Rd pick (not Toronto's) Ryder, Wideman and a prospect (Hamil, Colbourne or Caron).  To me that's the best scenerio for the Bruins.

    I am sure Atlanta asks PC for this deal: Ilya for Toronto's first pick, Wheeler and Kreicji. I think it's a mistake to make this deal if I am PC.

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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    Paulmend if we can get Kovy. for Wheels Krejci and TO's first oh definetly but will he sign with the Bruins and how much $ we may have to let players go in the off season to sign him long term ie  We can trade Chara in off season for a first and prospects and find what d men we can get through FA in the summer.

    Lucic Savard Kovy (this will be our first line for long time)
    Paille Bergeron Ryder

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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    If he signs a contract extension.....

    i would give them

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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    I dont believe Kovalchuk could be resigned with Boston unless one of Thomas, Chara or Savard were sent packing. Remember Lucic and Rask need new contracts....that being said, Ilya is DEFINITELY gone from Atlanta at the deadline.

    That means best case scenario Ilya comes just for the playoffs. To secure him, it will take an impact player, picks, and some incidentals. Is it worth it?

    Wheeler, Wideman, Boston 1st round pick, Boston 2nd round pick, Sturm, Ryder and Hamill/Caron/etc

    I believe it would look something like that. One smart move that fans would tear up over might be to include Bergeron in the deal instead of one of the others. This would free up room for Boston and make it more appealing to Waddell in Atlanta.

    Most likely Ilya moves to a team with more depth than Boston, aka Chicago. As Bob Mackenzie at TSN reports, They could move Barker, Sharp, Bolland, Ladd, maybe a guy like Brouwer, all sturdy NHL regulars that wouldnt impact Chicago in the slightest. They would stilll have Campbell, Seabrook, Keith and more on the blueline, Kane, Hossa, Toews, Ladd, Kovalchuk and more on offense...

    Wadell has to sell any deal to the suits in the press boxes, and he simply cant do that with picks and prospects. As Bob reports, he must bring back solid regular NHL players.
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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

       It is oficcial that the trashers will be trading Kovy but not to the Bruins as i said before so peeps please forget about him:
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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    I can see how you might be able to do it if he signs in Boston, as part of the trade, for a Crosby-like $8.5M cap hit - so probably a loooooong term. It might work in terms of salary assuming a stable cap, but you wouldn't have any flexibility in case of injuries, and you'd only be able to re-sign Chara next year if he's willing to take the same money.  Both are big ifs, especially if he has a good year next year.  People will take a run at signing him.  Still, it might, might have some legs.  If the Bruins get him for some mixture of Krejci-or-Bergeron and Wheeler (so between $6-$7.5M against next year's cap) and picks, and they can sign him to that extension, they've only added a net salary cap hit of about $1.5M (assuming Wheeler will be able to ask something close to $3M).

    (incidentally, dhitch probably knows that both Rask and Lucic have new contracts.  Stuart and Wheeler are currently the most significant off-season contracts to deal with.)

    Say it's Bergeron and Wheeler gone, plus the Leaf pick. Boston would have to replace Morris and Begin as UFAs and Boychuk and Stuart as RFAs, plus add another forward to replace the extra player sent to Atlanta.  Assuming that they can get Boychuk and Stuart for modest raises, they'd probably have to sacrifice a Morris-level vet for an entry-level defenseman.  Add Marchand and Caron in the forward spots and you're at about $58M.  That's close.  Buy out Ryder and you're at about $57 with another entry-level replacement.  Buy out Wideman too and you're at you're at $55.5M assuming you sign someone slightly above entry-level to replace him. 

    Unless the Cap starts going up again, this would be the gist of the team for a long time - though you'd lose any of the young players who proved something because you'd never be able to fend of RFA signing sheets.  But making it work and winning a cup don't look like the same thing to me.  I don't know if that second line can score enough to put them over the top.  It looks to much like the prime Neely-Oates-Moog-Bourque years - loved those guys, but there was always one team that was just slightly better because they had more support for their superstars.

    Anyway, if you do it, next year the roster might look like this:
                                            [rough numbers from memory]
    Lucic-Savard-Kovalchuk          17M
    Sturm-Krejci-Marchand            8M
    Paille-Sobotka-Caron              3.5M
    Bitz-LoVecchio-Thornton         2M

    Chara-Alexandrov                   8.5 
    2M Dman-Stuart                     4 (assuming a raise for Stu)
    Hunwick-Boychuk                   3 (assumes a raise for JB)

    Thomas                                  5
    Rask                                      1.4
    Total for Roster                    ~$52.4M

    Dead Money
    Ryder - $1.3M
    Wideman - $1.5M
    Total With Dead Money        ~$55.2M 
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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    The following players/picks should be used to get Kovalchuk

    -Caron (Bruins will be deep at Center without him for a long time to come)
    -BOS 1st round pick (Bruins already have the TOR 1st pick)
    -Any other pick after the 1st round pick (Next year's draft is supposed to be not very deep anyways)
    -Wheeler or Colborne (Wheeler was great last year, but has not played well this year.  Colborne may be NHL ready in 2 years-could replace Wheeler, if he's traded)
    -Wideman (In any deal with Atlanta, the Bruins have to make them take this guy, he's costing the team right now)


    -TOR 1st round pick (I'd take Kovalchuk over Hall/Seguin/Fowler but only if he'd sign an extension)
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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    Atlantas D and goaltending is brutal and the TSN story is speculation at best. sooo 1st of all you dont trade Krecji. Atlanta if they trade Kov will rebuild and want an impact player, so give them Chara and Bos 1st pick plus a prospect. remember atlanta gets alot less at the rade deadline or when the season ends
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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    Make that deal, Wally, and you score more AND lose more.  Never ever trade a defenseman for a forward of equal calibre - or even close.  Remember Savard for Chelios?  Stupidest trade the Habs ever made.

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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    What do we think about offering Timmy?
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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    No way Thomas goes to a non contender with his ntc, Why would he want to go to a crumbling franchise and a team thats rebuilding? The Bruins would be a lot better off trading the unproven Rask as his play has been under par for a month now his numbers rising while playing the weak teams. The only way they make a trade for kovie is picks and prospects, As everyone knows he will be in Russia next year as they can offer any amount for his services and the Bruins or any other team cant. The Bruins need a decent winger for Savard and while it would be great to get him from Atlanta a smaller deal for a different player is way more likely!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    According to TSN the price is two roster players, two prospects and a draft pick.
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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    your all craz y kovy is 1 of top 5 players in the game now maybe top 3 if you have a shot to get him do it...who cares about about the draft picks who might not even be hall/sequin  even if it was i rather have a signed kovy next 5 yrs then hope these kids become stars bs are not rebuilding they got a shot with kovy at the cup
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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    Savard for Chelios would have been mega different if it had been 10 years earlier, but Mon ruined him for his scoring. Though Mon got the cup and Chel had to leave Chi to get it.

    We are looking for a goal scorer and Kov is it, I would sooner trade Z than Berg or Krej too much upside for them, but we would need a quality D somewhere.

    I see Kov being primarily 1 player with prospect and pick with a player to be named later and that player to be dependent on how far the Bruins go with him and also if he signs back with the B's. As a rental noone is going to sell the farm, but Atlanta is going to want 1 roster player for sure, they have goaltending and they need D, but they do not want to spend money that they are not banking.

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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    if chicago is serious thats where he is going. living here it and following the hawks it seems unlikely.
    if atlanta is smart they will want kjallmerson from the hawks. one of the most under rated players in the league. he's an RFA at end of year.

    if i'm altanta i'm asking for krejci, hunwick and 2 first round picks. i'm sure atlanta will want the option of taking the higher selection in this years draft or passing and gambling toronto finishes worse next year. similiar to the guerin trade years ago.

    the problem here is were stuck with wideman, ryder and sturm. if PC can get kovalchuk and unload 1 of these players in the process then he's GM of the year.

    i think were better off dealing wideman for a rental. forward, D, waterboy, who cares and going after kovalchuk in the off season.

    i'd rather pay kovalchuk 9=10 mil then frolov 5mill. (you laugh, some dumb team will do this, probably the rangers).
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    Re: Ilya...what's the answer?

    I really dont think atlanta will get what there asking for and no one especia;;y the Bs will give up so much future unless the deal includes him signing and they can give away 2 money guys like wideman and ryder..Otherwise as someone mentioned trade these 2 guys somehow for rental player and hope kovi is available after the season.