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in my opinion what is going on with PC lately

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    in my opinion what is going on with PC lately

    Everyone is stressed out that the bruins have been this bad in the year thus far. Inability to score has frustrated everybody especially the fans. He signed Satan to see what he can do playing alongside Savard. He is still hoping that satan can help savard with his pt productions before he needs to think about trading Thomas for a scoring winger.

    And thats another problem that Rask is still a new goalie and you don't know how he will play after one or two bad games and two nobody is begging PC to give them Thomas and his large contract.

    So imo what is going to happen from now till the trade deadline is to see how Satan will do with Savard (so far nothing meaningful) , two see how Rask keeps playing (very important to find out how he will handle bouncing back from a bad game) and three wait until a generous offer to get something decent back for TT but mainly if situations 1 and 2 fail.

    If Satan and Savard become a dynamic duo , already i'm not sure who we can trade for to put in the offensive lineup as we have no space. If rask bounces back like a rookie and his confidence is shot then giving up Thomas could be considered a big mistake and rask career possibliy in japordy. Look at Raycroft and Carey Price whose careers are dwindling down the pipes.

    Ideal scenerio that most fans and media are looking for is that Rask keeps playing amazing, Satan Faulters and someone will actually need thomas services and willing to give up and nice winger in return. Ideal is that but realistically and behind PC's brain he doesn't want to look like a failer to give Satan a chance and a long unwarranted contract to TT when he should have given him a 1 year opportunity and see what rask could do. He should be in heat already for signing Begin when clearly we have bitz and sobokta to play instead.

    So once again if he has his choice he will want savard and satan to click (for the rest of the year, until he can get a sweet draft pick to pair savard up with next year) with the rest of the offense from other parts of the team to come alive, see how rask pans out and also showcase thomas for the rest of the year and have teams come knocking at his door come off season.

    Every game before the trade deadline will be huge


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    Re: in my opinion what is going on with PC lately

    i think you are giving Satan too much credit....he's only is a first line player on the Bruins because there is chemistry on the other lines, realistically he is a 3rd line / 4th line player....i like him alot in that role....we need a skilled forward to play with Savvy
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    Re: in my opinion what is going on with PC lately

    Satan's try was just that a try it cost us nothing, March might have been called up but he was injured, I would call him now and cut Satan but it will not happen until after break for sure.

    Begin is better than Sob or Bitz and no more cost but both are more talented than Thorn but neither can fight.

    TT needs to be kept, we need a scorer.