with a offense producing a goal i can not figure out why the bruins are not undefeated this year.i mean sobotka scores a goal and the bruins dont win a easy 1-0 game.how can this happen.these two goaltenders in boston have allowed more then three goals four times this season its time to trade them both for a reserve defensemen as the offense continues to produce such steller results night in and night out.wake up goalies and put a few in the back of the net and help the team after all a mere 35 saves is just mediocre.the third goal last night i didnt even see a goalie on the ice yet he dont stop it on a 6-4 power play.shame on you for making morris make a stupid play.the play of krejci ryder wheeler savard chara and the rest of the forwards and defense should all share the player of the week award as the fourth line did produce a goal.way to go offense way to be the most consistant offense in the nhl.