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Its because.....

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    Its because.....

    1) Krejic- you lose him you lose 5 on 5 offense, puck possession, 3 zone play and a player that Philly MUST account for. Besides the fact he just doesn't throw the puck into empty qoute Jack Edwards,"everthing with a purpose".

    Power play, and shorthanded......I know....I know...they won game 3 without him.  I'm not saying that they can't win but Krejic's injury is a HUGE factor and will be in the next series as well (if we get there).

    2) Sturm-  May not have been putting up the points.....but his speed and hockey IQ opens up oppertunity for others, and backs off defenesmen.  Philly has an aggressive, offense of minded gameplan involving their blue liners.  I miss'em.

    Never mind the fact that he can score goals...streaky, but he knows how to find the net.

    3) take Pialle( I nned two lern tooo spel) off the 1st line with Bergy......not workin' they are not clicking.......

    4) Make adjustments....not scoring goals...shake it up

    my line suggestions:

    Recchi Bergy wheeler
    lucic savy satan
    ryder soboka pialle
    thornton begin whitfield

    small adjustment....

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