The only reason i am not completely pissed off this morning is the fact that i (as a bruin fan) didn`t want to face those freakin habs! If the habs were not in the
playoffs anymore and the bruins lose the way they did then i would be saying that heads need to be rolling in Boston. I do not blame julien but instead some of our character players. Chara played great and so did the Savard line but Bergeron, where was he? He said he wasn`t worried about game 7....maybe he should have taken it more seriously!! Wheeler....hopeless, Paille.....useless, Ference.....overrated. I`m sure i missed a few more players but as a bruins fan for about 30 years now i have to admit i am fed up with this dark cloud that always hovers over the bruins!! We need winners on this team and i really hope that this coming draft things will change or i don`t know how long i could keep on suffering like this. I don`t want to sound like a baby buy enough is enough!!
Neely......are you listening!!!!!