Julien Gone???

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    Re: Julien Gone???

    Whether he needs to get approval from JJ or not is not a big deal, the majority of GM's need approval from the ownership and/or  President.  PC is still doing the work, it's not like JJ is telling Sinden to go tell PC to trade for Joe Blow and forcing him to do it.  Getting approval is nothing like getting the strings pulled by higher ups. 

    Also, there is no way PC needed to get Cam's approval on hockey decisions, Cam was an advisor with a VP title..there are tons of VPs in hockey, it's just a title.  Now that Cam is President on the other hand, he may have a lot more power and will most likely have veto power and a lot of say for the moves they make. 

    We have to keep in mind that the President plays somewhat different roles from team to team.  Some teams Presidents play a very integral part in the hockey operations department but on other teams they focus on marketing and other things.  I'm sure at 2 ET today we will find out the role Cam will now play.
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    Re: Julien Gone???

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    In Response to Re: Julien Gone??? : Plus performance bonuses of 2M each for 5, 10 and 15 goals. Contract is doubled in value if he hits 20 goals in any season. Plus Stanley will let him have "relations " with his 2nd cousin.
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    I think where he's from that would qualify as his sister and wife as well.

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    Re: Julien Gone???

    HackswithHaggs Charlie Jacobs made it clear that both hockey ops and business ops will report directly to Cam Neely in Bruins new front office structure