This is exactly what jacobs wants. Expect beer, hot dog, and season tickets to go up next year because this team will be labeled a contender. Things will always stay the same. Until the bruins get new ownership, wou will NEVER, and I mean NEVER, see a stanley cup in boston. Do I think Julien should be fired? Absolutely. Will he be fired? No. The Jacobs family does not honestly care about putting a winning team on the ice.

Now as much as everyone hates jtassinarisoccer(myself included), he has a point. We are all getting fooled by all this jacobs propaganda labeling the bruins as "big and bad". We are just getting lured in and we will always be dissapointed

Now on to the draft pick, we all know how the bruins management wants the team to built. The want a "big and bad and scary" team. I can totally see chiarelli passing up on TH or TS and opting for that "puck moving defenseman"(fowler) or that big tough defenseman(gudbranson). I know thats not likely to happen, but if it does I wont be surprised. Then lets say we do get TH or TS, who is to say CJ wont ruin them like he did to kessel. Or who is to say they wont trade them to another team for a marco sturm, brad stuar, and wayne primeau. Who is to say tha TH/TS wont get driven crazy by CJ and bail out after 3 years and demand a trade.

Its the bruins way