Love the trade! Let me give all of you critics who call yourselves Bruins fans an analogy that you can understand.
Toronto gave us everything in there Kitchen Cupboards for a Tomato from the fridge.  Kess Has talent but will not become a team guy for a very long time, if ever!  Watch PC work his magic with these picks when we need something!
As for right now here is a thought for all of you who like to play Coach.
What if Bergey was to play on the top line with Savy and Lucic. Got a feeling this would be unstoppable
Keep the Krejei line in tact that was the best 5 on 5 line in the NHL last year by the way.  Than try Sobotka between Chuck and Sturmy for a checking line.  I think VLady is ready for bigger things. If not you can always slide Begin up and increase his minutes, he is a very affective Checking center. 
Of course I do understand the way Patrice is able to Neutralize the other teams top line while making plays and winning faceoffs, I just think in the absence of Kess it is worth exploring. Thoughts?
A true fan can say, when we finally win it
Ive been there all along!!!
Cheers from Savy's Hometown