Kessel's Position

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    Kessel's Position

    It 's clear Phil Kessel is still developing but he appears to be their fastest skater and has the quickest shot release. I wonder if he should be soley developed on the wing. He doesn't seem to posses the special playing making ability needed for a center but he clearly has the tools to be an outstanding winger. Any thoughts?
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    Kessel's Position

    I am reluctant to trade away Kessel because during the past decade we have given up on a number of players who, if managed differently, would have put up numbers (while not Crosby-esque)that cummulatively would have put us in a very different competitive position than the one we find is the case right now. I was not at all happy to see Brad Boyes shipped out of town. Granted, Wideman has turned into an improving defenseman, we could have used Boyes' numbers at this point.

    I would rather be patient and deal with missing the playoffs another year, than keep wheeling out of town talented, even if not superstar, players who, if they could improve their game and mature some more, matched with genuine playmakers will put up numbers that would give us a respectable offense.

    Keep in mind that during the late Eighties, on through the Nineties, and in the very early part of this decade the Bruins did not do well at drafting and developing talent. It takes a long time to stock the system with promising talent. Unfortunately, part of the process involved is having a losing record that allows you to draft high enough to snag the talent. Being able to judge talent is another skill that has to be in the mix. And assuming you draft high and did your homework/scouting, you must also be able to motivate that talent and develop it.

    There is no easy fix here. A lot of teams have been in the process of scouting, drafting, and developing more talent for longer than we have. And it is paying dividends for them. Yes, it has been painful to watch. I've been a Bruins' fan since 1966. I've seen success here and I've seen the pits too. If I had to declare what we are most missing in the organization, I would say it is players who are creative, intelligent, and can make others around them better. Once you get a couple players like that on the team, players like Kessel will produce offensively.

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    Kessel's Position

    I saw Kessel's hattrick in person at LA. I know what he is capable of. With that said, what has he done since? The fact he was limited to 7 minutes in the most recent game is evident of a young player struggling. The Bergeron injury has had a major effect on several key players, especially Kessel who needs a Patrice to pass him the puck or set things up. Savard and Kessel it appears don't appear on the ice together or at all. Rather than make up 700 things to guess what Kessel is supposed to be, or what he has failed at, I'd rather Phil start taking responsibility for his lack of production. He needs to make some individual plays on offense, score a goal, do in essence what a far less talented player has done with very little overall ice time--Chuck Kobasew. I really doubt Julien is sitting Kessel without really trying to get this kid motivated. He knows Kessel is young, he knows Kessel needs something to kick-start his play. It really comes down to Phil's ability to perservere. He's gone through an amazing health recovery, now his mental game needs to recover as well. One Kessel breakaway goal might cure his woes.