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    Jesse Connelly on the Hockey Buzz web site has reported that Hossa is talking with the Bruins and is willing to take 4mil to play on a winning team. I find this to be a fantasy on his part but he say's Hossa want's to tick  the NHLPA off and take less for a long term contract and play for a winner. Hossa could bring the high price of players down if he did this and put prices back to where teams could afford to keep players or get players needed at prices the NHL economy could afford. I would appaude a player with insite to see the future of salaries going down and be smart enough to get the best he could in a declining economy to play for a good team. Once again this is the NHL and smart is not the way they do business but if true the Bruins could sign him and find a way to keep Kessel and still be the contender we know they are. If a good player like Hossa took such a cut what would really happen to the NHL and the players.
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    Here is what jesse posted , he did not say Hossa was going to sign for $4 Million.

    Hossa Talking to Bruins? Seriously? + Other Wild and Wacky Thoughts
    Well hello, my fellow night owls on Hockeybuzz, perusing the interweb for the latest updates as it is officially July 1st here on the East Coast. Color me extremely confused at the moment. Rumor has it that Marian Hossa has been given permission to have preliminary discussions with two NHL teams: the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins.

    You don't say! Well, according to Bruce Garrioch's latest post, that just might be the case.
    Take a look:
    The deal is pending. Waiting for Dany Heatley's approval. If this dies, he might never get dealt. To Edmonton for Andrew Cogliano, Dustin Penner and Ladislav Smid. Needs Heatley's okay. Club has been waiting four hours.

    As for Marian Hossa, the word is the Detroit winger can speak with the teams now _ including Boston and Vancouver.

    Interesting. There was a lot of buzz around Boston about Hossa potentially coming to Boston LAST summer. Now suddenly on the eve of the free agent frenzy, the rumor has resurfaced. The B's would have needed to make a few trimmings to their roster last time around in order to fit Hossa in under the cap. So, given their current financial situation, I can only see it working out if the following happens....

    1) Phil Kessel walks away, and the Bruins are compensated with draft picks when he signs an offer sheet.

    2) Wave goodbye to some combination of Aaron Ward, Chuck Kobasew, Patrice Bergeron, Andrew Ference and Marco Sturm.

    or, maybe, exclude #2 if.......

    3) Hossa is SO intent on winning that he will spare the Bruins by signing for somewhere around $4 million dollars. A move that would undoubtedly really pee off the players association. Something tells me they'd frown on the news, knowing they'd be hearing comparisons to Hossa's contract by bidding GMs for years to come.

    In the meantime.......

    Peter Chiarelli declared during his conference call this afternoon that he possesses the funds to sign all of the team's RFAs prior to free agency beginning (Kessel, Hunwick, Bitz). But...the man says "Hey, you know what? heck with deadlines. I'll take care of business when I'm ready to!". Okay....he didn't quite say that, but you get my point. There is some master plan at work here, with PC deciding to roll the dice and see if any of the three (notably Kessel or Hunwick) receive an offer from another team. How this could all play out........

    1) No one makes a peep and neither Kessel nor Hunwick are made offers.

    2) An offer LOWER than expected is made, Chiarelli matches it, and saves himself a few bucks in the process. That sly SOB.

    3) An offer HIGHER than expected is made, and Chiarelli is left with egg splattered all over his face, the yellow yoke dripping from his chic glasses, as Kessel and/or Hunwick parades out of town.

    or maybe....

    4) An offer HIGHER than expected is made...and Chiarelli devilishly laughs as he rids himself of the intolerable Phil Kessel, and receives oodles of draft picks back in return.

    *Insert maniacal laughter here*

    Again, who knows? Not I, the skeptical speculator. But what I do know is........

    Buying out Peter Schaefer, right now, was about as productive as....well, Peter Schaefer's career in Boston. What a sham. The guy got buried in Providence in order to spare the salary cap, and ice the best team possible. Now with the team struggling to pinch every available penny in order to retain their young, talented RFAs, they tack on another $567,000 to the cap for the next two seasons just to rid themselves of Mr. Soul Patch? Really? Was this the right time for such a move?

    Was Schaefer, who put in an honest effort in roughly 10 career games in Boston, that much of a cancer in the AHL locker room? I mean, I wouldn't doubt it. A few friends of mine who regularly attend games at the Dunkin Donuts Center noted that Schaefer literally looked like he couldn't care less while on the ice. How's that for an inspiration to the young up-and-comers on the team? Yikes! However, wouldn't it have been far more reasonable to just give Schaefer press-box duties down in Providence, or place him on the IR with a severe case of the lazies, as opposed to buying him out and kicking the limited cap space available in the family jewels?

    *Shakes head*

    And finally, as I wrap things up here, I just wanted to share my thoughts on one last rumor: Mike Komisarek to Boston. Here are ten things that I think are more likely to happen than Komisarek, the personal punching bag for Milan Lucic and aspiring optometrist for Matt Hunwick (he wasn't gouging Hunwick's eyes...he was examining them!), coming to Boston.......

    1) Ray Bourque is going to come out of retirement, capture the O'Byrne trophy (formerly known as the Norris Trophy, but aptly renamed for the Canadiens' defenseman), lead the Bruins to a cup, and surpass Wayne Gretzky as the league's all time leading scorer.... by mid-season.

    2) Rich Uncle Pennybags, the mascot for the game Monopoly, will step forward and buy the Phoenix Coyotes for the sum of two "get out of jail free" cards, one matured $20 bond, and the rights to Baltic Avenue and Reading Railroad.

    3) Gary Bettman is finally going to step down as Commissioner, but under one condition: Chuck Woolery must be named as his replacement.

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    this would be awesome...Hossa does have ties with Savvy, Chara, and Chiarelli...just some food for thought.

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    but ending with begin... 850,000 that guy ain't crazy he's making money with boston... lol a real joke that one
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    It blows me away that people do not understand how the cap works.
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    2 dumb 2 get the cap?

    the cap is just a ceiling. that's not the hard part to comprehend. but players hire agents because all the clauses involved in negotiation are too complex for anyone to grasp in their entirety-- unless you're an agent or lawyer.

    so, if this is what you meant, that people don't fully get all that stuff about arbitration and so on, then maybe you're too easily blown away.

    i dare you to read through the entire nhl collective agreement, or even the parts specifying all cap criteria.

    here's an abridged version: