leading up to the trade deadline..........

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    leading up to the trade deadline..........

    Right now we are playing great hockey, so i dont see any huge moves to be made, i think we just need a little help in some areas

    For all you Trade Thomas people, its not going to happen, he has a no trade clause through the first 3 years of the deal, a combined cap hit of 6 million dollars for both Thomas and Rask is managable, its also ideal to have 2 goalies that you can count on to win you a hockey game

    Chirelli will probably trade one of Andrew ference or Mark Stuart, Both free agents at the end of the season, Chirelli needs to decide which one to let go, we could probably keep both for the playoff run but i would hate to lose both without getting any value for them. Stuart is probably in linefor a decent pay raise, a pay raise im not sure the Bruins can afford, and Ference from what is being reported wants to return to Canada,  My hope is to trade Ference for a pick or prospect and play Boychuk or Penner or make a move for a veteran defenseman that could step in and play

    Trade Sabotka, too may players already on the team as well as coming up that play similar styles of hockey, Sabotka has value and is a free agent after this year, im a big believer of not losing value to free agency, might we package both Ference, Sabotka, and a 2nd round pick for a player for the stretch run....

    Chirelli holds onto both 1st round picks, this years draft prospect are deap and talented, we could end up with 2 solid picks with them to lock down our future, the only way i see one of those picks being traded would be for Kovalchuk or another game changer

    Rask starts game one of the playoffs

    marchand will be a regular at the end of the season on the 4th line

    Morris's contract will be renewed 1 more yr at the same price

    Bruins will make a big push for Keith Tkachuk

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    Re: leading up to the trade deadline..........

    My prediction...

    Bruins didn't get him last year, but this year they will acquire KEITH TKACHUK.
    Almost a guarantee.  Dealine deal.  They will need his playoff experience and his grit.  He will bring what Billy Guerin brought to Pitt last year.

    They will "also" try to pry an underachieveing fwd from another team for ANDREW FERENCE and a prospect or pick.

    Watch them go after FREDDY MODIN from Columbus, or even ANDREW COGLIANO from Edmonton.