Leafs Trade Coming

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    Re: Leafs Trade Coming

    ssags, dream on with your Make Beliefs... Sundin anyone?  Phaneuf is better than Komisarek I suppose.  Toronto is now in the league of Edmonton with this move, seems the Bruins make out in this deal. Kaberle is next on the agenda!  
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    Re: Leafs Trade Coming

    islamora-  Yes it is great news for the Bruins this year but if read above this is also a good move for the future of the Laffs.  I want a frinking top 2 pick also but I am not stupid enough to not be objective enough to see this was a good day for the Laffs.

    Phaneuf stinks...LOL  I won't waste my breathe explaining this.
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    Re: Leafs Trade Coming

    "hmmm me thinks Burke and Chiarelli are cooking a deal"

    This may not be so far fetched islamorada. You guys know contract details better than I but how about and end result that has Kessel in Atlanta, Kaberle in Boston, Toronto gets their 1st rounder back from Boston. In effect the trade over the summer that did not happen, plus...

    Boston get Kovalchuk (sp?) from Atlanta, preferably with a B's contract extension (2-3 years). Atlanta gets a high Boston draft pick (not a first rounder as I believe the B's only have theirs and the Leafs). And Wideman and Ryder each go separately either to Toronto or Atlanta.

    Not a sheep nor a troll, just a long suffering B's fan playing GM for a few minutes.


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    Re: Leafs Trade Coming

    Burke made it sound like Kaberle wouldn't be going anywhere and repeated that he will never ask him to waive his no trade clause.
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    Re: Leafs Trade Coming

    Lets all get one thing straight:  Phaneuf is not even close to an elite D man.  42nd in the league in points, 76th in +/-.  He had one good year scoring and has a rep for hitting(and being a partier and cancer in the locker room). 

    Would you compare Phaneuf to Chara, Pronger, Lidstrom??? They are elite...

    If you think Burke made out in this deal, you must be a Leafs fan.