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Line Combo

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    Line Combo

    Not sure if I like them..

    First thing Paille is not a #1 winger.

    Second thing Vlad has been I think our best center lately why move him to the wing.

    Third thing why not play Brad or Hamill on the wing tonight maybe alittle youth tonight come keep up with a young hungry Flyers team,Shawn T doesnt do much more the maybe a fight whats the point??

    Anyhow, I also think Tuukka needs to step up his level of play lately hes been good..but there seems to be a goal every game he seems not to stop.


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    Re: Line Combo

    Agreed I kind of like the idea of Bergy on the wing with Savvy and recchi.  But I can see why they're going with paille up on that wing, that line may not score but they're definitely not going to get scored on.  I can also see sobtka playing a similar role to kane, a floating winger because savvy will be able to find him anywhere and Ryder just set up to shoot.  Also you could throw marchand in there, but I'm going to guess Carcillo and fartsmell are going to bring their games so someone needs to keep them in check.