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Lucic on the radio this morning

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    Lucic on the radio this morning

    few thoughts:

    1.) I think cherry and anyone else calling him out the colton orr fight is just moronic. Orr is one of the toughest guys Ive ever seen fight....

    2.) His nose was broken! He admitted it on air. I don't know how many of you have had yours broken, but it HURTS REALLY BAD

    3.) On a lighter note: Looch can barely talk with his nose all messed up! I thought it was a little funny
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    Re: Lucic on the radio this morning

    I wonder what was going through his mind standing over Savvy in concern when down on the ice.
    Man this kid the past week is getting pounded with insults.
    On another note Don Cherry was disgusted with Orr's fight on saturday for showboating.  He didn't mention anything about Looch.
    He did have a disgusting montage due to touch icing and how in international hockey they have it correct.
    Did anyone see how Kovalchuk going into the boards after being tripped by Staos on an icing ?  Yet another display of Buttman's league.