Lucic pounded into next week.

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    Shuperman, Montreal was the only team of the original six and before that were able to double pick in the draft.  They had first right to any player out of quebec plus they were able to pick out of the overall draft.  The other original six teams did not have that luxury.  Most of the players that played on the last montreal dynasty were a result of that double picking or trades they made from that era. Montreal won two cups since... Not bad but not one of the best compared to other teams. In Response to Re: Lucic pounded into next week. :
    Posted by mattbs

    Not that it's really the subject of this thread, but my God this statement above is so historically inaccurate, yet so universally believed. Historical revisionism at its best. For the way things truly worked in the early days of the league thru the 67 expansion, please click below.

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