Lucic signs extension

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    Re: Lucic signs extension

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    Marco, I guess that's why Team Canada invited Milan to their training camp. I am getting a little tired of your rants against the Bruins and Peter Chiarelli. This was a great signing and the Bruins have never been in a better position going forward. Maybe you should start taking for the Maple Laughs and watch us draft your top 10 picks for the next couple of years
    Posted by Bruins6

    ok so get an invitation to team canada gets u 4m then sav should geta pay cut since he was not invited.
    let's see exactly what these top 10 picks mount, i am betting PC will try to unload them before playoff time.  CHECK out how 10 Thoverall picks do

    PC gave him 4m because he is a blue clollar player for blue collar fans.
    lose the mentality embrace finess, just ask the red wings,

    what u should be tired about is boston cupless in 37 yrs. and the lousy signings PC has done during the off season
    Don't get me wrong Lucic definitely has his place on bruins but 4m a yr when he has still a lot to prove is way too much
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    Re: Lucic signs extension

    As much as I love the fact he is signed, I think this is a little high.  I would have liked to see $3M range.  Thomas was over paid by about a Lucic.  Individually, not a big deal, but a bunch of these slight overpays will come back to haunt this team, especially if the cap does go down.

    Now, please don't take this totally wrong.  I like what PC is doing with this team, but every penny counts in the cap world.