In Response to Re: Nathan Horton Leads NHL in Goals and Points:
Listen ya bunch of lunatics.  Stop this foolishness right now.  I actually like most of you, except one - who can go die, thank you, but the rest of you keep your money and your email addresses in your pockets. WHY? DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THIS BOARD. MUCH MUCH MUCH MISCHIEF CAN BE DONE WHEN PEOPLE KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. There are people on here that are totally psycho, totally not Bruins fans, make up fiction like " I've been a season ticket holder since 1962 and a loyal fan through everything but no greater travesty occurred than trading Kessel and I can't let this crime go unpunished blah blah blah. " You are being baited by a sociopath. If you wanna bet, bet some place safe and don't give the Kessel lover the satisfaction.
Posted by BadHabitude