In Response to New Fan Excited About All The Changes:
I've always been a huge sports fan but never took much of an interest in hockey until last year, when I became intirgued by all of the new rule changes. I needed a club to root for, so I hopped aboard the Bruins' bandwagon. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed with my first season as a backer of the B's...but I'm now a certified hockey-lover and here for the long haul. Bear with me, because I don't know a lot about hockey yet, but I am excited by all of the moves the B's have been making the past couple of weeks. It seems that Chiarelli is committed to building a winner through speed and attitude, I think Kessel will be a great pick, and I think Dave Lewis will bring a winning attitude to Boston. If the B's could somehow manage to land Pronger --- that would be fantastic! Like I said, I don't know a whole bunch about hockey yet, but I'm excited to learn more, and excited to be a Bruins fan at this time!
Posted by MartyMoose

The greatest sport live!  A must to see even a college game.  BTW the socio economic grouping of most fans who attend games are above the norm for the other sports like football, basketball, and baseball.  You will enjoy the conversation with most fans.  Enjoy!