Ok, Time To think About Next Year

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    Ok, Time To think About Next Year

    Ok, here are the moves to make


    1) David Krejci-  He has to be the #1 priority, evan though he had a rough playoffs, he is the future #1 center of this team.

    2) Mark Stuart- DONT TRADE this guy, other than Chara he was our best D Man this year

    3) Stephane Yelle-  Great penalty killer, and a grate leader, very underrated.

    4) Patrice Bergeron- Gotta give him a chance.  His defense is there, the offense will come back.  He has the potential, hes young, give him a chance

    5) Chuck Kobasew-  I love his grit, he plays his backside off every shift and gets garbage goals.

    Get Rid Of

    1) Dennis Wideman-  He is young but he is just to damn inconsistant.  His defense is just horrible at some times.  They need a different puck moving defenseman.

    2) Andrew Ference- So overrated, too injury prone

    3) Marco Sturm-  He would be a nice fit but if they could get something for him, deal him

    4) PJ- Old and washed up

    5) Marc Savard- Call me crazy, but as good as Savvy was this year, he turns the puck over a lot.  He is really not getting better, and Krejci is ready to be the #1 center.  Im sure u will all kil me for this, but he is tradeable.


    Lock up Krejci 5yr24mill
    Lock up Kessel 5yr20mill

    Deal Savard 5mill off books
    Deal Sturm 4.5 off books
    Swap Wideman for a similar contract

    That will free up money to lock up Krejci and Kessel who are the future.
    sign Mike Cammalleri
    Sign under the radar guys like Grier Kotalik LaRose etc...

    Here is a lineup that would make me happy

    Lucic Krejci Kessel
    Wheeler Cammalleri Ryder
    LaRose Bergeron Kobasew
    Bitz Yelle Thornton

    Chara Stuart
    Hunwick FA
    FA FA


    The defense needs work.  But Cammaleri would be a great addition for this team.  Again I know Savvy has been great, but I think its time to move on.  LaRose would also be a gread addition, I love his grit.  I wouldent be surprised to see them go after a DMan as well, with a guy like Morris, Ohlund, or maybe....cough cough... nick Boynton

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    Re: Ok, Time To think About Next Year

    Some things I agree with, others I dont. Krejci is a future number 1 center, no question, keep him. I agree with your keep list, but I don't think Krejci will get 24 mill, the market right now will drive down his value due to the importance of draft picks, I doubt his offer sheet will be too high. I think 5 years 18-20 million would easily get him. I TOTALLY disagree with moving Savard, Ference and Wideman. This team did have the best record in the east, with the youth movement there is no need to totally dismantle it. Wideman was playing hurt the last portion of the season, but he should not be moved. Ference is unbelievably cheap, with our cap issues you have to keep him. Savard for 5 million is fine, and he has also said he would take a pay cut to stay here.

    First of I would like to say that in principal I agree with moving Sturm, we had seven twenty goal scorers this season without him, but there are some problems. First off his contract is only 3.5 million, not 4.5. He also has a no trade clause, my guess is that he would be willing to waive it.

    I wouldn't have a huge problem with letting Kessel go for a ton of compensation draft picks seeing as how it appears Marchand is ready to NHL right wing duties.

    I would also consider bringing back recchi, true warrior, played the carolina series with kidney stones, and tons of experience.

    gotta find a backup goalie too, Rasks cap hit is pretty big
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    Re: Ok, Time To think About Next Year

    Too bad PC signed Wideman to a 4 year 16 million deal, he is not going anywhere. He is a $2.5 million player IMO, What PC has done a terrible job in is judging players salaries he gives too much money for too little bang for his buck
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    Re: Ok, Time To think About Next Year

    Personally , from what PC said the other day that he would like to add size to the forward lines is a positive.. This team in the playoffs with Carolina was soft in all areas.. No one challenged Walker after the cheapshot and that bothered me , no one willing to step up and tell Walker to drop the gloves in Game 6 , yes they won but should have called him out..... Kessel, is the first candidate to go..sorry ,but I just don't see this guy becoming engaged in the playoffs.  Disappeared basically when the Bruins needed him to score goals ... Too many missed assignments caused the Bruins games...  Also gone .. Fernandez, Hnidy, Ward, Axelson, Recchi, Ference, Montador, Yelle .. This team needs big agile defenceman .. Are McQuaid and Boychuck ready?  lets find out ?  can't do any worse than some of the goners above...and some bigger bodies up front ie Bitz to put some fear into the opposition D....
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    Re: Ok, Time To think About Next Year

    Cowboy i disagree with your post. Yelle as a fourth line center and penalty killer for the league minimum? you want him out the door? Ference for 1.1 mill is worth every penny with our cap restrictions. Hnidy is fine for a depth defensemen. Ward is still under contract, he played very well in the post season but I wouldn't hate to see him go for draft picks, that would free up some cash. I really don't see why you think Recchi is not worth talking to, he played phenomenally for us. What forwards do we really want to get rid of? I can see Ax gone, I could see Kessel gone, but we don't really have any room to go grab anyone
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    Re: Ok, Time To think About Next Year

    Quick point....not all....but I see alot of posts to move Kessell.  Call me crazy....but does anyone seea resemblance to rick Middleton in this guy?  Middleton more or less underachieved in New York prior to coming to the B's and then blossomed.  I'd be reluctant to move this guy considering (1) he's young and (2) seems to have helped solve the scoring problem we had a year or so ago.

    Now if he want's a gazillion dollars...that's another issue.  But based purely on talent I'd like to keep him.

    One other point....all this Chiarelli to the Wild stuff.  Message to the Bruins.....what good does it do if he is twisting and lame duck?? Perhaps this is all fodder....but they are clearly going in the right direction. 

    Regarding the claim that these are mostly MOC's players.....someone still had to pull it together. 
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    Re: Ok, Time To think About Next Year

    Oh I would absolutely love to keep Kessel. The point is if it is between him or Krejci, keep Krejci. Interesting news today though they are BOTH scheduled  to have surgery this off season, that might drive their value down, as Krejci is not expected to be ready for training camp
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    Re: Ok, Time To think About Next Year

    Oh I would absolutely love to keep Kessel. The point is if it is between him or Krejci, keep Krejci. Posted by dkrejci46

    That point will have PC tossing and turning every night until the draft. He will have to part with one of them. I say Krejci is the right choice.

    The only reason PC will have to make this very painful desicion is because no one will take Sturms contract, Which unfortunely ends next summer not this, coming off 2 major knee surgerys. 

    I think PC will make a major move on draft day! Probably pretty shocking to some.
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    Re: Ok, Time To think About Next Year

    I agree 100% that something major will happen at the draft and this is what i hope/predict it could be - Vincent Lecavalier to Boston! I know I will get hammered w/ this b/c of the contract. But I am willing to bet they bandied this about at trade deadline (ended up w/ Reechi, not bad). This is the type of player that wins Cups! Imagine Vinny w/ Lucic!!My proposed deal would be: Savard, Kessel, Wheeler, and a 1st rounder. The projected payroll for these 4 would be what Vinny is making. Again, not saying this would be acceptable to TB. 


    Lucic Vinny Colborne (theres the size Chia wanted, pretty sick)

    Marchand Krejci Ryder

    Sturm Bergeron Kobesew

    Neil Yelle Bitz

    Lecavlier in Boston = Cup in 2010

    Don't bet against this!