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    Old Posts

    I hate it when I open a discussion and the first bunch of posts are old.
    It would be nice if they identified that it was an old post and even provided a pop up or pre message before opening ( 3rd last comment is 10 months old etc.. )  Can't stand Hab fans.  They are the worst. 
    ASny comments on cry babies "Bob Sirois " book 
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    Re: Old Posts

    The funny part tonight is the game will be just miserable for Hab fans to watch.

    If the Bruins win, they have to watch more of the painful success from their bitter rivals and the jealousy that seems to unnerve them so, will come to a head (here no doubt).

    If the Bruins lose, they will see another chapter of Halak's stellar season and more evidence pointing to the laughable ineptitude of their front office, giving away last year's MVP and a Vezina caliber goalie to St. Louis.

    Their will be no respite tonight for the sad, lonely existence of the Hab fans that come here desperately begging for attention, and I for one will sit back and laugh at the continued humbling of the most insecure fans in hockey.

    P.S. Scott Gomez.