One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

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    One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    Let's not include the game vs Ottawa, which was evidentally a tired team, with a horrific schedule (what genius made this game a 1pm matinee?) against a team with a chip on their shoulder (having lost 11 straight to Timmy).

    Forget they have their #1 player out, Savard, (maybe second to Chara) and give up the arguments about trading Thomas because of how much better Rask is, because no one is listening to that argument anymore.

    We have two good goaltenders (overall), maybe one of the best duos in the league. We have THE most dominant defenseman in the league in Chara, with a decent compliment of supporters (Stuart, Ference has been solid this year, Morris has been good enough, Hunwick has improved) Look around at other bluelines and the majority is weaker than Boston's, so while we can all agree Boston could use another top 4 defender for a cup run, it isnt as imperative as the #1 issue.

    Primary scoring. Period. End of story. Boston has faaar too many secondary scorers--that is---guys who are expected to score inconsistently but achieve somewhere around 20 goals per season. Lets count em' shall we, Ryder, Wheeler, Sturm, Satan = 4. You need one. ONE guy. Two tops. The rest are support staff like Lucic, Begin, Paille. You need the all important elite scorer. That guy that scores EVERY night. Kovalchuk, Malkin, Stamkos, Perry, Nash....go through the teams and just about every single one has this guy except Boston. Our top guy is a playmaker and that simply wont do.

    So there it is. Lose the 4 secondary scorers..keep one, the other 3 MUST go. And fill it in with one guy who can put the puck in the net without effort. They are all over the league and it wont be cheap...but a team with two first rounders and 4 secondary scorers.....there is no excuse not to get this done at the deadline. Until they do...I believe fans will slowly see Boston sink from the playoff picture.

    Ryder-Wheeler-Boston 1st Round Pick-Zach Hamill-- should return just about any player in the NHL that is too expensive for his team to re-sign or is looking for a change of scenery. Start nagging people on the phone lines Chiarelli or take the chance of losing you're job. No GM alive could keep his job after going from 1st place to missing the playoffs.
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    Re: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    Why would anybody want Ryder,Wheeler, and Zach Hamill? If I was a NHL GM who was trying to work a deal with Boston, the discussion would start with Lucic, Krejci, Rask, Savard and as many picks as I could get. Fans always look at it from their own perspective, and not the other team's -
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    Re: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    Why Wheeler?---he is one of the better up and comers in the National Hockey League. He is on a third line and could be on any teams top line within the next 1-2 years.

    Why Ryder?---hes proven he can score 20+ goals on a third line, when most cant on a second line. He is a filler for scoring when you are going to lose a top scorer to FA anyway. Probably not to be resigned even.

    Why Hamill?---he was a first round pick. period. he has potential.

    The first rounder is what most teams will care about, and they would no doubt get a second out of Boston as well. Wheeler goes on your team for the near future, Hamill to your JR team for the far future and Ryder onto you're top line until the free agency when you nab a new franchise player. On top of this, The convo would start by Chia saying Rask and Lucic are untouchable.
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    Re: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..


    Ryder's 4 million $ contract is a serious issue, which is probably why you suggested him

    Wheeler is a big pu$$ who is due for a payraise, that's a problem

    Zach Hamill isn't an NHL caliber player

    Sorry for the honesty

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    Re: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    Here's one easy way to fix the Bruins: trade Wideman!  At this point, I'd would love the sound of a Wideman for Boyes reswap.

    But in all seriousness: go after a young forward who can give the Bruins the offense they need, and one that won't leave at the end of the year like Kovalchuk.  Here are some players that could provide the Bruins with more offense at a cheaper price than Kovalchuk:

    James Neal- DAL
    Patric Hornqvist- NSH
    Wojtec Wolski- COL
    Patrick Sharp- CHI
    Milan Michalek- OTT

    These are just players that came to mind.  I'm not saying the Bruins should neccessarily go after these specific players, but go after players of this caliber.
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    Re: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    lets sign kovalchuk to a $100mill deal, raise ticket prices and watch julien turn him into a 22 goal scorer.

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    Re: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    Maybe Boston should be the team to build around a Hall type player. We have 2 first round picks. We have some great young players. Maybe we should clean house. Trade Thomas, Ryder, Widemen, and maybe build our team like pitsburgh did. What Annaheim is looking at doing and what Washington is also trying to do. Should we sacrifice the present for a great future? We have to develope our players not dump on them when the have a poor sophmore year. Krechi and Lucic will be great players. Putting a bandaid on the present will only hurt the future. We will then never have a great team. Too bad Kessel wanted the whole farm before he deserved it. Kessel will also be a great player in the future. He just needs to develop his whole game like a lot of other players. We need to hang on to our top picks. Maybe we could get something cheap from Edmonton fire sale at the dead line?
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    Re: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    What about New Jersey, Buffalo, Colorado, Nashville and oh yeah i think you can throw in Phoenix.  Where is their guy that scores every night?  I could probably line up with 2 of my friends on the Devils 4th line and they would still win some games.  Last year no one was complaining about this team.  They where the best team 5 on 5, actually they are doing ok even this year 5 on 5.  It is not about lack of skills when with the same team they had the second best offense last year.  It is hard to get into the rythm when you always have to play with different teammates every night.
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    Re: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    There is no need to blow this team up by trading several players. They do need to make a few moves. Wideman does need to go. He costs the team at least a goal a game. The defense needs an upgrade. They won't go deep in the playoffs with their current defensive corps. 

    Offensively, the team does need a winger who can score. That winger is not Ilya Kovalchuk. The Bruins will never give him the big contract he wants & it isn't worth trading 2 players & a #1 for a rental. Alexander Frolov may be available. He'd be a good fit with Savard. Bobby Ryan is at a stalemate with the Ducks on his contract talks. If there is no progress there, the Ducks may be willing to trade him. He'd be a guy you'd have to look at.  
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    Re: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    Last years people said Julien is God......

    This year, people want to fired him......

    Julien is not the problem !

    It's always the coach who pay the price for the players......stop it !
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    Re: One Easy Way to Fix the Bruins..

    the bruins have some lead weights on this team that you would be lucky to get a 2nd rd pick for (ryder,wideman)...they are playing terrible hockey & just kill the cap for anything else to where does this leave the bruins assets for trades? draft picks,tim thomas,bergeron,rask, the young guns wheeler,krecji,lucic etc.,& the prospects colbourn,caron etc....heres where i p*ss off dhitch & TTgod....out of all these assets maybe the 1 that could help bring scoring,cap space & what the bruins need,without a major shake up is thomas...although i like thomas i believe with the defense the bruins play rask & a vet. back up could replace him more so then any other asset the bruins have...sometimes you have to give to get & the bruins hands are about tied in any other direction besides picks & prospects.....but the shape the bruins are in they still have to build up a young foundation that is missing in the minors at this point....sorry hitch & TTgod but the options are limited & the bruins need help