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Open letter to Bruins

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    Open letter to Bruins

    Julien - Your coaching is predictable. Do you think after the season you had last year, teams weren't going to watch film on the Bruins? Power play is a joke: 5-on-4, 5-on-3, 4-on-3... shot from the point. Pray for deflection. Shot from the point. Pray for deflection. Shot from the point. Pray for deflection. Shot from the point.  Pray for deflection. Shot from the point. Pray for deflection. Shot from the point... etc. I have better line changes/less too many men on the ice calls in my beer league. That's a red flag right there. Bench management s_ucks. What did the B's work on in practice the other day? Deflections from the point. How about getting your fuggin nose dirty or moving the puck/your feet around, which leads to...

    Team - What team? Where's the embarrasment? Does Julien have it so ingrained in you that if you just 'execute well' you will win? 40 shots a From the perimiter. Yeah, you're executing real well. The passes are cute. You guys are soooo smart. Sooooo talented. Keep the one heart in soul difference maker left in the pressbox (Thornton). After 9 losses, I figured you'd come out p_issed off against Montreal. Nope. No hitting. No intimidation. No we own the ice. No this is our building. No Big Bad Bruins. No we're sick of losing and p_issed off about it. Nothing. Just play your bullshi_t brand of pond hockey. It's working real well.

    Lucic - If you can't play the game you're supposed to, stay off the ice. I don't give a rats a_ss if you can't skate fast. You couldn't to begin with. If you can't catch up with a guy to hit him, at least when you get there, smack him in the face. Start s_hit. Light a fire. Embarrasing. Too many players on this team already making 4 million that are invisible. You're being paid 4 million (next year I know) to be a pain in the a_ss. Do it. You're the only guy on the team even seemingly capable of doing it. Go for it.

    Hunwick and Satan - Don't deserve to be with the big club - at all. Hunwick speaks to the fact we jettisoned Hnidy, Montador and Ward. Ok, Chiarelli thought he was ready for the show this year...nope. So the replacement is... nobody. Satan was a nice band-aid for 5 games. Both are terrible. At least the rest of the team is 'executing well'. These two look lost, scared, and washed up in comparison. Hunwick isn't ready. Bury Satan in the minors; don't worry, nobody will pick him up on waivers. 

    Chiarelli - My biggest dissapointment of all. Watching this all happen and sitting on his hands. Letting Kessel go was the right move. Not mortaging the future for Kovalchuk was the right move also. But a.) this team is emotionally empty, has no heart whatsoever, and is in clear need of a jumpstart player/pest/shi_t disturber/agitator, whatever you want to call it. A Scott Walker or Ben Eager, a Kevyn Adams or Patrick Kaleta. I don't give a fu_ck what you call it, or whether the player is popular/respected or not. You need some guys that can inject emotion into their team or the game, someone who can slap wallflowers like Wheeler/Krejci/Ryder into the game. The team has no emotion, no grit, no jump. No wins, and nobody with any balls to do anything about it. Like it or not, Chara has never been captain's material to begin with, and neither is Savard, much the same like a Modano or Joe Thornton. Skill doesn't translate to leadership. Cup rings carry much more weight around the dressing room than these two ever will.

     Which leads us to b.) you have a room of 20 guys sitting on pins and needles, figuring a trade is going to happen and they might be the ones shipped out, nervous about uprooting their family and selling their homes, etc. and...... waiting.....waiting.....nervously waiting. The longer Peter C. sits with his thumb up his a_rse, making one phone call a week, the more nervous, scared and on edge these guys are, wondering who's going to be shipped out. Obviously playing timid. Jesus, when's he going to make a move, who's it going to be? they're wondering. Make the trade, clear the air, move on. Indicision breeds like cancer from the top down. What losing 8 games in a row wasn't enough to warrant a move, even a minor one to inject some life/energy into the team? It's looking like 10 won't be enough either. I understand being cautious about the future and not screwing up the plan. BUT IT'S OBVIOUS YOU HAVE 18 CUTE LITTLE PLAYERS OUT THERE AND NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH GUTS. You p_issed away your leadership in Ward, Yelle etc. with no replacements, and now that it's clearly biting you in the a_ss, you're just going to let it keep happening? PC is a huge dissapointment to me right now. I don't expect earthshattering moves, but I expect the right ones. Wideman has gone to shi_t and likely won't rediscover his game in Boston, Hunwick isn't ready, Wheeler and Ryder are one-dimensional, etc... do something about it. P-issed away too much money on Ryder, Lucic, Thomas, Krejci, etc.

    I work nights. After the last month, I've stopped coming home and watching the DVR of the game after work and going straight to the boxscore instead. i don't need to come home after busting my a_ss all night and wasting 2 hours of my time after midnight watching my lifelong team half-assing it everygame. It's embarrasing and a slap to the face of any true Bruins fan. Nobody need question my devotion to the team, and I don't have to prove myself as a loyal fan to anybody. But until PC gets off his rear and does something to fix this mess, I'm not spending anymore time unwinding to this pathetic broken record. Surely I'll be watching Bos/Mtl before the Super Bowl because it's my day off and I can't help but watch my Bruins, but I certainly have the feeling that I'm in for the same bullshi_t performance with nothing changed to try to fix it.


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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    Re: Skaswatch.    Let me co-sign your letter.   *%&#@$(%^!@!!&.
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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    Well put.  I don't necessarily agree with all of your points, but I understand your frustration.  I don't have any answers.  I'm just tired of this hefty helping of s_uck that we have been fed this season.
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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    You know Skas, some of your points are dead nutz on, your other ones are right... right now, but I dont think are completely acurate in the grand scheme of things. The coaches really need to take control of the situation here. Theres a lot of problems that are clear to any one that knows the game, and they arent getting better.

    Puck retrieval, Forecheck, line changes, and sustaining a one man forecheck during line changes are the things they should be practicing. Honestly though the just need to skate and hit. The lack of body contact is just crazy. 

    Transition game this year has gone to absolute sh!t also. Kessel is great on the transition and getting the puck from the defensive end to the offensive end quik. Not having that this year is costing us a lot more than just the 30 goals we gave up when we let him go. When you have a player like that, opposing defenses back up, not step up. Its puts the other team in a defensive posture and it opend up the ice for everyone on the team. Krejci would come in and slow it down through the neutral zone when teams are backing off.

    Ward was a big loss to this team. A lot of people would scoff at that, but he had leadership qualities that we now dont have.
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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    Great letter! I live in PA and try to make it to Boston to see a couple games every year. If I can't make it up there I try and get to DC, Philly or Pittsburgh to see the B's. Been a fan for 40 years and I agree with 99% of what you said.
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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    Skas, your Team and Chiarelli paragraphs are pretty much nail+head.  I'm dismayed at the lack of grit, jam, heart and passion on this team.  You'd think Looch, Thorny or even Begin would do more about this.  I don't get it.  It's like Dave Lewis is at the helm all over again.

    I too have resorted to just reading the box score and forgoing watching the Tivo'd game.  I can't take it anymore. I expect to see the boxscore show a few fights, but they rarely do..............freakin' sickening. 

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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    I thought my post was better
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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

     Great letter form skaswatch,couldn't agree more, someone wake up PC and Cam Neely, do something, bring in a spark the lights are out . Fans have to STOP GOING TO GAMES.
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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    What's the difference in this years team and last years team? Well last year the Bruins had the best record in the league? This years team does not have Kessel. Thanks to ownership.
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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    Spot on..except I think Hunwick needs to learn and he just isn't ready for so much time...yet with the injuries at D, who is there?  Let him play.
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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    Bruins are lucky they sold out prior to this streak.

    They have a rude awakening. The season ticket number is going to drop drastically....No one is going to renew especially if they are not making the playoffs.

    I am locked in at the low rates for season tickets and i am on the verge of giving mine up.

    Why should I donate 10 grand a year to see this garbage.
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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    its coaching
    if this coach is back next year i for one am not watching.

    no energy
    no forecheck
    no creativity
    no offense.
    no skating
    and finally NO ADJUSTMENTS.

    try this,forwards behind the goal forechecking. D-men pinching and jumping in the play. crashing the other teams nets. our best players playing together.

    they might not win but losing 5-4 or 6-5 would be more exciting to watch and something different

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    Re: Open letter to Bruins

    Skas, you are spot on with every point.

    A little rough around the edges, but you're understandably frustrated.

    I said pretty much the same even when this team was winning.  And they will have winning streaks again but thats not the point.

    This is a collection of soft, underachieving, overpaid middling players in a system that turns 25 goal scorers into 16 goal scorers.

    Consider me signed on to your petition