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Patrice Bergeron = Fantasy Goldmine

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    Patrice Bergeron = Fantasy Goldmine

    The kid is tearin it up for me in fantasy this year. He's my Krecji of last year, Im lovin it. No respect eitha, hes still only like 40% owned.
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    Re: Patrice Bergeron = Fantasy Goldmine

    I had him for the first couple of weeks, but traded him due to poor fantasy performance.  My wife picked him up a few weeks ago, and really hit the jackpot. 

    Have any other fantasy players noticed that more often than not, a player's stats will nosedive after being named one of the NHL's "Three Stars of the Week"?  It's brutal.  I picked up Zetterberg right after being receiving the honor, and he hasn't had a point since.  Mike Fisher was one of the stars of the week last week, and it looks like he will miss tonight's game.