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PC & the B's did the right thing...

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    Re: PC & the B's did the right thing...

    Morph Lucic's injury (high ankle sprain) has caused a conditioning problem.  Anyone can see that when he labors across the ice.  Krejci's injury also affected his conditioning at the beginning of the year.  Conditioning is an issue as connected to those injuries.  BTW I did not say Chiarelli did not try.  Me thinks there was a larger deal with Florida.  Chiarelli backed down probably with the number #1 pick demand.  So, yes, I am inclined to think he was "Burked" like on draft day.  The next thought then is why trade Morris to get a forward when you don't know the asking price of that forward.  Otherwise the trade was a risk and hopefully not a loss.  Chiarelli does not look good under those conditions.
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    Re: PC & the B's did the right thing...

    //"Chiarelli certainly was otherwise occupied while the Sabres clinched the Cup upon acquiring Raffi Torres from Columbus. Yes, and he was asleep at the switch when the Penguins booked passage to the Finals by swapping for Alexei Ponikarovsky.

    And Lee Stempniak, ex- of Dartmouth, now will lead the Coyotes out of the desert in Phoenix. How could Chiarelli have bollixed a chance at those sure-shot Hall of Famers?"//
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    Re: PC & the B's did the right thing...

    in response to all the b's did was save money, thats not the case at all based on the way seidenbergs (sp?) contract is written, that deal cost them..

    saved 825,000 on morris
    and 168k on bitz
    993 out..

    seidenberg we took back
    1.25m bonus..

    so while we saved like 750k on the cap, the actual expense to the team was about 500k higher...

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    Re: PC & the B's did the right thing...

    Basically here is what happened yesterday. Will break it down based on the signification of the trade(s)

    Bruins get a D(Seindberg) that is a UFA in 2010-2011. Can walk at the end of the year.Based on how the Bruins are playing he might not want to sign here.

    Bruins give away the following:
    1.) A Def.(Morris) that is a UFA in 2010-2011. So the D swap is useless.NO Cap savings for 2010-2011 as Morris was a UFA. But Jacobs gets to pocket the difference here in salaries for 2009-2010.
    2.) Bryon Bitz--Again off the books and $$$ savings goes back to Jacobs.
    3.) And a 2nd round pick!!!!!!!

    We could have gotten Raffi Torres for a 2nd round pick..He has 20 goals this season so the guy can put the puck in the net. Based on this 2009-2010 salary (2.7 mil) we could have gotten him under the Cap. The Bruins are in the top Ten in the area of goals against. So D and goaltending don't seem to be the issue. We are dead last in goals for. I did not go to Harvard( But our GM did) but that tells me something.
    That was one of the most disgusting days in Boston Bruins history. That organization should be ashamed of themselves. The goal is to make the play-offs. Based on what I witness yesterday they don't CARE..
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    Re: PC & the B's did the right thing...

    Is the goal to make the playoffs this year? or to win the cup..Cause if your goal is to make the playoffs, there still in the hunt for that, but could have improved short term, and realistically not in the cup hunt for this season at all.. But if you believe in the core of the team, you keep the pick till the summer, and improve the team when the cost arent as steep, and you are improveing the team long term, not for just today.
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    Re: PC & the B's did the right thing...

    I have to chip in my 2 cents on this one.  Do I wish we had brought in a legitimate scorer for this year - definitely yes, but would any of you be willing to let go Bergie or Krejic for that scorer & probably Toronto's 1st round pick?  If Chiarelli had made a trade like that and we made it to the 2nd round, you would be forming the lynching party outside his office.  Take a look at the trades another way - we picked up a #3 D Man in Seidenberg, Bartkowski seems to be a decent player that could develop, we also picked up Kampfer from the Ducks for a 4th rounder, and a 2nd round pick plus the Wild's prospect earlier in the year. 

    The Bs also got a lot younger on this deal - the oldest is Seidenberg at 28 - we got rid of Morris (31), Weller (29 & Bitz (25).  If we also do not sign any of the UFAs that are coming up, Ference, Begin, Rechhi (although I would like to see him come back as a coach), Satan and Thornton.  I believe that frees up around $3,000,000 in cap room. Could be some good opportunities in the off-season and PC may find some teams that want Ryder & Wideman during the draft. 

    toys 0311
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    Re: PC & the B's did the right thing...

    Morph, I generally agree on everything you say.  Chiarelli did not make a significant move with the trade deadline.  I agree in keeping the picks under the new NHL.

    Now, The Krejci hip injury did in fact severely diminish his conditioning.  The specific injury does not allow for a fluid turn or push off on the skates.  He skated through the injury in last years playoff and was not as affective as he was during the regular season.  In the Fall he labored to push off, cardio relies heavily on the hip and legs, so he was out of condition.  Mike Lowell of the Red Sox season last year is an example of the problems of that type of hip injury.  Lowell is older and it did limit his movement considerably.  He was also out of baseball conditioning because of the injury.  

    Lucic's high ankle sprain is not an injury to allow for conditioning particularily cardio or skating.  He is out of shape period.  I do know it takes as much as 6 months to recover from an injury of that type.  No matter what other parts of the body are in shape, the legs and the above fore mentioned hip is crucial for hockey conditioning.  Thus they are out of shape!
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    Re: PC & the B's did the right thing...

    WHat an incompetant organization...Ray Shero turned down the B's job, how has he done so far????
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    Re: PC & the B's did the right thing...

    I'm not one who called for an overhaul of the team; those who did or hinted at it are just fantasy league GMs who would carry out the job like Phil Espo did with the Rangers - make a move for the sake of making a move.  

    Look, I understand that there was nobody out there - offensively speaking - who could change the dynamics of this team from a horrid offense to a good one or even a decent one so he didn't make a trade!  That said, what did irk me was Chiarelli's comment: "With the strength of our centermen and what I saw in the eight, nine games prior to last night, I believe this team can improve in its scoring."    I just hope he looks at the season apart from those handful of games and makes some move(s) to improve the offense after this year!  
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    Re: PC & the B's did the right thing...

    the key to the trade deadline is having good players and only needing to add support players, if you put yourself in a situation where a player like kovalchuk wont help you really screwed yourself.

    this is fine if your a rebuilding team or have a core of young players. but when you finished 2nd in the league and 2nd in goals and 1st in team defense the year before and find yourself in this situation something is fundementally wrong.

    whether its coaching, the GM or players something needs to change. this trade deadline was irrelavent. PC has one more off season to make this team a contender. i just hope he and JJ realize or care about this.
    over 20 years with out a a cup final is not acceptable