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PC Make an offer for Hossa

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    PC Make an offer for Hossa

    YA,I posted this some time ago, this is what it is!!Time is what the management is working on. Trying to develop young players, unfortunately the team suffers, and the fans get frustrated. I have been a Bs fan for over 30 years and have like many of you seen some bad decisions (trades) made by management. Jacobs will never sell the team, heÆll makes tones of money win or loose. As for the Bruins they have followed this way of building a team for the last 15 years or so. They won't and never will under this ownership, build a team by picking up developed proven players. The NHL is so competitive and with the salary cap, teams have to be careful so they donÆt get caught with a large payroll, and a roster of players that donÆt play because of injury or whatever. Like the Bs have now. I think management will make a trade but nothing big, I think management is focused on the future, and wonÆt dish out any more dough. Frustrating but true. Win or loss I still love the Bruinsà.

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    PC Make an offer for Hossa

    send hnidy, schaeffer and kessel for hossa
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    PC Make an offer for Hossa


    This is the first educated, responsible post I have seen on this Bruins board in about a month. Most of the time, All I read, (and I very rarely read this board because of the idiots) is trash. I congratulate you on your thoughtful post.

    I for one used to be a Bruins supporter, however with my relocation to the south, I don't get to see them play anymore. This however was the first year I decided not to renew my Center Ice subscription. I don't believe the Bruins have much to offer. The last time I seriously followed them was up to when they traded Joe. I thought that was a huge mistake. I would go see that man play. Now, who on the team would say sells tickets? Nobody..........Savard, nice player. Bergeron, nice player. Anybody else?

    I do understand the frustration of the fans, but somebody keeps buying these darn tickets at the TD/Fleet/Banknorth/insert next corporate name here/Garden. That is their choice. I just choose to save my money right now and follow them through the news.

    Again, great thoughtful post and I enjoyed reading it.


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    PC Make an offer for Hossa


    Again, you need to post here more often! Great stuff.

    The last time I went to a B's game was when the likes of Rolston, Knuble, Thornton, and Samsonov were on the team. I just don't know, I enjoyed the character of that team, even if they didn't win big in the playoffs. They did have a couple of 100 point years didn't they?

    I'm glad to hear this team has grit and attitude, and I can tell that you follow this team and actually watch them play rather than complain about something. To me though, there doesn't seem to be anybody that the team can "ride" to the playoffs. I believe the last time we had a player that could dominate was Thornton. It's great to hear that we have some passionate players, but are we lacking in talent?

    Glad to hear you think we have the right coach too. I really swallowed a bitter pill last year with this team, and that is the reason why I don't pay to see them anymore. At some point in the future, sure, maybe i'll pick up Center Ice again. I guess that right now, I'm just not a huge fan of hockey in general. Thanks a lot for your unbiased opinion of the team.