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    Re: PC WAITS

    Im a PC and im frozen scanning my roster... 

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    Re: PC WAITS

    Do you people who want the Bruins to get Kovy think that he'll honestly make this team a top cup contender? If you do your delusional. If any thing he'll kill what depth we have and pretty much kill any hopes of anything happening next year because he's not signing here next year. Why do you think they won't let any one talk to his agent? He's going to the KHL next season and that's what his agent woudl tell anyone trying to work out a longterm deal with him.  If by some chance we do get Kovy, when he walks next year and the Bruins are worse than this season the people who wanted him here will be calling for PC's head.

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    Re: PC WAITS

    dezaruchi ,
    Tommy Cross hurt his knee again . He might never live up to expectations or make the NHL.
    Alexandrov is and looks like will remain in the KHL.
    I have high hopes on Colborne.  He can become a top six forward.
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    Re: PC WAITS

    If some siberian oil baron offers "Kovy" 20M/season, he's gone.  End of story.  He's an incredible player, and if the Bruins could just trade for his attitude - that insane complusion to drive-the-net and score - we wouldn't actually need the rest of him.
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    Re: PC WAITS

    joeshmoe, I said I'd give one of them up, not all three!  No, I'm a long time Bruins fan and have spent my hard working dollars going to games.  I've been to my last game Saturday night and will not go again with this team they have on the ice.

    What I am saying is that they are going to have to part with with at least one of them jus to make cap room for the guy.  I don't think by getting him that they become a favorite for the cup, just that they will be competitive again.

    I like the team we have, good players, but not great players!  This is a team going newhere right now and changes need to be made, if not now then soon!  No matter who you dangle out there for trade bait the B's faithful are going to argue to keep him.  You can't keep them all and make a run!
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    Re: PC WAITS

    All of you have your shorts tied up in knots! Take a pill. Relax.

    The economy tanked because of people like you. You want to do something because someone did something.

    PC is doing the right thing. He's taking care of his own business - The Bruins.

    What all of you think is the right thing to do - trade for trading's sake - is absolutley the wrong thing to do.

    Look at the Leafs: they just traded there way to the basement. No if, ands or buts. Dion Phaneuf is a locker room divider and JS Giguere is finished. They have been reduced to collecting other team's garbage because they can do anything else. Their future is mortgaged to us - the Boston Bruins.

    Their picks will make us stronger and bring us a Cup. Their picks will bring us one franchise player, one star player and a useful player - all for Phil Kessel.

    THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO THE STANLEY CUP (through the draft). Look it up for yourself.

    And relax. The is no move right now that PC can make that is bringing us the Cup. Those moves come in June - at the draft.

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    Re: PC WAITS

    Wheatskins  After the third sentence, you were right on target.  Also Drewski5 made some good points in that any move is to weighed and calculated not impulsive.  Burke made moves yesterday that did not necessarily hurt his club. Burke was gambling with a losing team.  His moves though could limit his cap size next year.  That is a factor for the Bruins to consider when we own Toronto's first pick in 2011.  I would take Kovy in a trade but the "psuedo" GM I am would give Atlanta Wideman, Ryder, and a 4th round pick if Kovy is not signed to a multi-deal contract.  Ain't going to happen in other words!  
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    Re: PC WAITS

    I agree about trading, just don't sit there and let a good one go.  If it's draft pics then do it and call up some of the young guns for the remainder of the season. 

    Be a team that's a seller, pics for Recchi, Ryder, Sturm, Chara, Thomas, Bitz, Begin, then I say do it!  Clean house, and load up on some top picks and change this stupid defensive mode of hockey.  Bring some scoring back to the Garden!
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    Re: PC WAITS

    Bruno, PC isn't going to mortgage the future and bring in a flashy rental to "show the fans he is trying".

    He's the GM of a professional team. People who need to see flashy trades are not that knowledgeable about hockey, and are certainly not very knowledgeable about the business side of things, and a GM is not going to make stupid moves to appease those types of fans, he is going to make moves that help the team.

    The Kessel trade proves he knows what he is doing and has the team's future and long-term health in mind.
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    Re: PC WAITS

    Phaneuf was hated in the Calgary dressing room, never seemed to jell with any partners on the D and carries a salary hit of 6.5 million for 4 consecutive years.  The Leafs pay 30 mil plus towards their goaltending and defense (5 mil for Jeff finger?) and Phaneuf has regressed in his potential.  Gugere is not the goaltender he was and lost the #1 spot to Hillier.  So potentially the Leafs are better in their own end but have traded away 48 goals total from the players jettisoned.  Who  is going to score for them?  Who is going to set up Kessel?  They aren't going anywhere this year, but could help them in the years to come.  But lots of Leafs fans think they will go 20-3-2 the rest of the way and claim the 8th spot and go all the way. Not going to happen.