Pinball Hockey

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    Pinball Hockey

    Is it just me, or do the Bruins wrap the puck around the boards more than any team in hockey?  This approach only enhances the fact that most Bruins shots are from the perimeter with very few "quality" scoring chances.  I was stunned at the end of the first period to learn the B's actually outshot the Flyers 9 to 8.  The only shots I actually remembered was a redline slapper from Chara and, of course, Whitfield's Philly crest shot on the breakaway.  My son and I wonder at times why we, as fans, can make better roster decisions than the current management.  Take, for example, Boychuk.  How that guy was allowed to sit in the pressbox for half the season is beyond me.  Why did it take injuries to crack the lineup?  Didn't they see this guy's potential in training camp, or in practice every day?!?  The same goes for putting Whitfield in the lineup instead of say a Marchand, Hamill, or Lehtonen.  You lose 2 offensive forwards in Sturm & Krejci, & you replace him  with a defensive specialist?  I just don't get it.  Now you'll see Julian make the move to one of these young guys for game 7, when your average fan knows it should have been done in game 4.
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    Re: Pinball Hockey

    The Bruins roster is, unfortunately, filled with these value/defensive specialists.  There is no mistaking the lack of offensive skill on the Bruins.  There is also no mistaking the value of David Krejci who works magic by opening space in the offensive zone for his linemates.  There is no way Philly jumps every Bruin in the offensive zone with Krejci or a 100% healthy Savard on the ice.  The Bruins can still win if they find away to force the puck to the net.  35' wrist shots are a recipe for disaster in Game 7.  Get the puck to the net or dust off the golf clubs for a Saturday tee time.