Well it was a good game tonight.á This team in my mind is a very good team. We have had set backs..(injuries).. Look at our team last year../that was bad... For once we didnt trade a good young player away.á I have grown up watching the bruins, I dont like Jacobs at all.. I think this organization is trying to clean up after some real bad management.(MOC).. I like where this team is going.. I always wonder what next year is going to be like without these injuries and our farm system doing well.... where will be the trolls be??á Everyone who is talking trash about this years squad keeps for getting about this team having alot of injuries this year.. Just think what last year would have been like if we had all these injuries last year... I can't imagine...áá I hope they keep this run goingá and make up some points before playoff time.áá Cheers.. good game!