Positives From Panthers Game

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    Positives From Panthers Game

    Thomas making 2 possible save of the year candidates for this year in one game. Has that ever been done before?? So far he has made I think, 4 including the shootout attempt. Thomas has looked great the past 4-7 games he has played in. Only time once this team clicks and gets it going, and making an acutal playoff push. Just wait for it, it will come.
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    Re: Positives From Panthers Game

    There were positives from the game.  Recchi and Wheeler are both skating much better than earlier in the season.  Wideman held his own.  The team is playing better than they had been a couple of weeks ago by leaps and bounds.  They'll win some that they don't deserve to lose, and like tonight, will lose some that they deserve to win. 

    I agree that the goals will come.  Hopefully a bunch will come against a reeling Penguins team on Saturday.