Pretty Interesting numbers

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    Pretty Interesting numbers

    1Zdeno CharaBOSDG2A1PTS3TOI172:39 PLUS/MINUS-1 
    2Johnny BoychukBOSDG1A2PTS3TOI155:08 PLUS/MINUS
    3Dennis WidemanBOSDG1A3PTS4TOI153:00 PLUS/MINUS
    4Matt HunwickBOSDG0A4PTS4TOI141:46 PLUS/MINUS

    Not in this list are the other 2 (Ference -4, 85:33 TOI and McQuaid -3, 68:05 TOI)

    So fans can hate Wideman all they want; I'll take his +/-, pts and minutes over Ference and McQuaid. The stats don't lie, and oddly I have to agree with Milbury, "Wideman is playing better". 

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    Re: Pretty Interesting numbers