Randy Jones

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    Randy Jones

    The NHL & the Players' association have NO interest in taking out dirty hits or fighting. They think it puts paying customers in the arenas, and thats all any of those money whor_s care about. If they wanted to end dirty hits tomorrow, all they would have to do is make it an automatic one year suspension for any hit that warranted a suspension for first time offenders. A second offence would result in a lifetime ban. Presto !! End of dirty hits.
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    Randy Jones

    I did not equate fighting with dirty hits. If you had read carefully, you would have noted that I did not mention fighting when I said to suspend a player for a year, then a lifetime.

    I am not against fighting. With today's hockey, it is usually the only exciting part of the game. I was simply pointing out that because the majority of fans like fighting, hockey, and the NHL in particular, will remain the only pro sport to allow fights without serious fines & suspensions.

    It is also why they would have players getting injured rather than institute the "no touch" icing rule.

    The owners are afraid to make the game any more boring then it already is.

    I really don't have any sympathy for the owners or the players. The owners are so cheap and care so little about the players, that, according to Don Cherry last night, they had promised to put a soft plastic liner where the board meets the glass, but decided it cost too much.

    The players are out there trying to end each other's careers, so if they don't care enough to try and fix the problem, why should any of us care? The players are their own worst enemies. Remember when they were running the goalies so much, they had to put in that stupid rule about no one in the crease? They all bitched about that because it was causing too many goals to be disallowed, so they got rid of the rule. Guess what? Now the goalies are being run over all the time. What a surprise !

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    Randy Jones

    Randy Jones...dead man skating.