Reality Check

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    Reality Check

    Listen - most bruins fans can agree, prior to last years run for the cup, the bruins were merely a contender at most just to make the playoffs. Stop measuring the bruins on last years success in the regular season. Last year we had career years with multiple players. The lose of penalty killers, Yelle and Axelsson, have made this team vunerable every time someone commits a penalty. The team is still a playoff contender. Its not fair to keep measuring the bruins like a top team in the East, for those that due will be greatly disappointed. Totally different team than a year ago.
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    Re: Reality Check

    Last year wasn't what I would call a "run for the Cup".

    They had a good season, but there was no real threat of them going all the way. I was hoping they would make the final four , at best.

    There is alot of season to go, let's not be so negative.
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    Re: Reality Check

    I tend to agree... BUT, management has billed this team as an improvement over last years. So expectations are high. Personally, I don't think this team will ever make a true "run for the Cup" without acquiring a true superstar to compliment Savard's playmaking ability (get Savard signed long-term!)
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    Re: Reality Check

    Judge the Bruins by what they've done in 2009. Thats 2009 regular season, playoffs, then regular season again.

    Thats a lot of hockey. They are good. Not great.

    8 off-the-charts white-hot weeks at the END OF 2008 makes them look a lot better than they really are. During those marvelous 8 weeks--20 goal scorers morphed into 50-goal scorers, EVERYONE played brilliantly and the game was easy.

    Since January 1, 2009 the Bruins have been a GOOD team. Not a great team.

    Just look at the results.  It is what it is.

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    Re: Reality Check

    Lets see, last season the Bruins started off 2-7 and played out of their minds. The expectations are to god damn high by people who don't know anything about hockey.

    People were picking this team to finish 1st in the conference again, but there is no way they are better than Washington or Pittsburgh.

    Also, this team hasn't clicked yet. They will, and when they will, this board will be drooling once again.

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    Re: Reality Check

    BruinfaninNj has it right--this team is nowhere w/out a stud to compliment Savard. They stay like they are now they'll squak into the playoffs and be gone by round 1.

    They are not very good. They need a major upgrade and a Kovalchuck-type player to even begin thinking about challenging the likes of Wash., Pitt., or NYR.

    One reason the Rangers are so hot this year is they went out and got that superstar type player in Gaborak. The Bruins are not even worth thinking about as a contender unless PC moves some of those draft pix later on for a serious impact player.
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    Re: Reality Check

    Good team not great not yet is a fair and good assessment. They have been sloppy on the special teams. They got a split on a mini road trip good not great.

    Still scratching my head on the Lefebvre call up instead of Sobotka or Marchand. now i'm not saying that last nights game would have had a different outcome but when do we start throwing out our young and up n comers into the fray.

    Lefebvre is never going to crack this lineup permernantly. Where we expect one day Sobotka and Marchand will so why not now. The Bs are lacking in scoring heck I'd throw Hamill in there while Lucic is mending. Lefebvre ?

    If the Bruins are at 1 game under .500 in late November PC will no doubt move some pieces on the playing board you are correct TryToBearIt.