In Response to Re: Recchi Comments " Speak Volumes":
In Response to Re: Recchi Comments " Speak Volumes" : Joe, I think Seguin and Horton will more than replace Savard's points.  And if the B's can get the one role they currently lack, a PP QB out at the point, as a result of cap space cleared by a Savard trade, I say go for it.  I'm very concerned about the balky knee Savard's had the past 2 seasons, not to mention the concussion.  Thought Savvy had slowed noticeably even PRIOR to the Cooke hit.
Posted by BruinsCountry

We need to do more than replace points.  The acquisition of Horton was to increase the offense which I'm sure you remember sucked.  Your concerns of Savards health are valid.

As for Recchi's comments.  They were pretty neutral.  It's like reading a horoscope. You hear what you want to, and skew the meaning according to your biases.