With so much too say it's odd that I can't find the words to begin this post. We all new the stats and the story lines inside and out, going into game 7 tonight. I was nervous and excited all day. Hockey is the only sport I've ever really paid attention to and from the time I was 12 the Bruins have been the only team to love.
  Now (almost 30) I find myself devastated with the ending of the season.(again) I knew just as well as you all that this season did'nt go the way we all thought. ( I felt uncomfortable with NO team bonding trip before the season and then NO big road trip to start the season) We struggled through the season Injuries piled up, we lost 10 games in a row, and Savard went down by a vicious hit to the head. With those losses went our dreams, but somehow they put together just enough down the stretch to make it in to a very tough post season.
   Buffalo first, the team excelled. Then on to Philly, we jumped out to a quick 3 game lead but it cost us Sturm and then Krejci. The OT loss in game 4 was pivotal.
       Then we eventually ended up at our game 7 tonight.  It was going to be different because we lost in game 7 the last 2 seasons, the guys would'nt allow it to happen again. The 1st period saw the B's come out rockin' to a 3 goal lead 3-1 after 1. Then eventually tied at 3 in the third period when the refs decide to make a too many men on the ice call. I sunk my head told myself we would get the kill and try to avoid OT. We all know how it ends.
      I dry my damp eyes as I watch Recchi and Bergeron and the rest of the guys shake hands and all I can think is " When will it be our turn again? I want to be the winner. Why can't we ever have the feeling?" Its something that I have to go through every year.
     I accept it. Its part of my life year after year. I won't turn my back on this team. I still believe we are close to having a real strong run at the cup. So please don't be angry and hateful don't let the frustration get the best of you. The guys did the best they could with the cards they were dealt. It hurts but don't give up on them.
                        Aren't we all a family?