savard 62 pts joe t 57

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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    for all you people out there saying how bad of a trade joe t was keep in mind m savard would not b here, chara would not b here, and ference and kobasew (trade for primeau and b stuart) so there is the question would you rather have joe t or savy, chara, ference, koby....i love joe t hes a great player nlo doubt and even a great guy but this is a team sport and the bs have won because of balance (only nhl team with 9 players in double figures in goals) joe t was not the problem here or in san jose (playoffs) you need a team around you to win, thats what both teams have built....the bruins fans should be enjoying their team and stop worrying about what might have been with joe t....the bs are on pace to break their all record of 121 pts for crying out loud people that itself is truly speacial even if they dont win the cup...the future is bright they should only get better next cmon people lets get behind them and enjoy this season...if things go right they might actually win the whole thing! regardless we go world class players and up and coming stars in the still want joe t
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    I couldnt agree more with both posts, however, Ive cheered for Joe ever since he was traded. He was a Bruin through and through and was devastated when he was traded. If the trade had of been for Sturm, Ference and Kobasew that wouldnt have been as bad as it was. We knew Stuart wasnt staying here and although I like Wayne, that was a bad trade.

    We didnt get Savard and Chara because Thornton was traded either, so thats a moot argument. You never know what would have happened had he stayed so put speculation aside.

    Thornton is one of the best players in the WORLD, like top 3, so comparing Savards points with Joes isnt exactly a fair comparison either. Ive said it numerous times here, JT is a COMPLETE player, not limited to scoring only.

    Im still a huge Thornton fan, I hope he wins the cup during his career, he did great things in Boston and the way some fans have turned on him is beyond me.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    I'll take Savard over Thornton.

    As much as I hated the trade when it happened (mostly because of what we got in return) I have enjoyed watching Savard and I think he is more of a complete player.

    They have almost identical stats over the past 3 years but there is a fire in Marc's game that I have rarely seen in Joe's (and I watch alot of the Sharks games).

    There's no doubt that O'Connell is an idiot and could have gotten much more than he did, but after all was said and done our team is much better now than the 103 point team Joe lead the year before the lock-out.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    maybe the bruins getting a better package for joe t might have worked out well, but my point is chara, savard, koby,and ference is basically the trade...that being said 4 yrs later he bs are 39-8-7 and a legimet shot at winning it all...would you give this season up to get joe back here..not me let me remind all the fans this years bruins team is on pace to set the franchise record for most points me thats amazing from where they were just 2 seasons ago
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    Im always ASTONISHED when people say those 2 things:

    Savard is more of a complete player and.....

    we got Savard and Chara because Thornton was traded.

    Couldnt be LESS fact based statements if you tried.

    Thornton has size, speed, grit, hands, etc. Savy will NEVER have his size so he is at a disadvantage right there. If you want to compare their points, thats fine, but saying Savard is more of a complete player is a big stretch in my opinion. Thornton put up 454 points in 532 games in Boston, let alone his physical play, fights, etc. You wont see Savard drop the gloves any time soon or lay someone out with a shoulder.

    Since he was traded, Thornton has 358 points in 271 games which leads the league. He has 70 playoff games with 48 points and is a 6 time All Star. At 6'4" and 235lbs Thornton is a complete package and nearly 2 full years younger than Savard. He also has won the Art Ross and Hart Memorial trophies.

    Savard has seen playoffs once, last year. In 7 games he has 1 goal and 5 assists. At 5'10" and 190 lbs, Savard doesnt exactly bring a physical size/presence to the game.

    Guys, come on. There is NO WAY you can honestly say that because Thornton was traded Savard and Chara signed here. Also, there is no way in my opinion Savard is a better/more complete player than Thornton. I love Savard, I love this team, but if you want to talk trades, Id trade Thornton for Savard any day of the week and I think most GM's would take Thornton over Savard as well. He is the premier power forward in the NHL, possibly the world.

    Stop being so bitter and give the man his dues.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    I hate to say it, but Thornton has enough postseason experience to warrant a pretty decent sample size. That stats overwelmingly suggest that he is not the same player in the postseason. I dont want to be quick to deem him a choker, but from what Ive seen: I honestly think he wears down by the end of the season.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    There is no way in hell I trade Savy for Thornton straight up. Yes, Thornton is rougher, tougher, but do you want your star fighting. I honestly think that Thorntons tenacity is the reason why his postseason stats are severly mediocre. Pay a goon at 800k / year to beat up on other teams (ie. Sean Thorton), but I dont think having your best player as your goon necessarily helps. Look at Cam. Do you think that his rough / tough style may have contributed to his inability to stay healthy late in his career? I would argue absolutely.

    Therefore, the fact that Thornton is bigger than Savy doesnt mean Thornton is the more complete player.

    The trade was absolute garbage. Im not defending it one bit. But Savy's hands />> Thornton's hands.

    Thornton is better defensively.

    Savy />>>> Thornton on PP

    Ill take Savy.

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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    Just in case I wrote it in a manner that was unclear (I might have put it backwards) I would trade Marc Savard for Joe Thornton any day, not the other way around. I would NOT trade Thornton to get Savard.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    i never said chara signed here and savard signed beacuse joe wasnt here i said with joes money gone it allowed us to sign them 2 which in fact is true and also we have sturm, koby and ference directly because of joe t by trading primeau and stuart for them who came in joe t trade so it was joe t for chara savard koby sturm and ference also fact is joe t didnt have in him what bs managment was looking for savard does chara does thats why we are where w r in the standings
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    i need to reply while u make good points the bruins dont need anyone else to win the cup they are 39-8 on pace to set a franchise record in pts they may be in better position to win by adding a scorer or dman but by no means do they have to do so to have a shot in fact right now they gotta b considered the favorite to win they beat detroit 4 1 blew them out and they have not lost a game by more than 2 goals all year if they play their game no team beats them in a 7 game series noone people talk so highly about washington the bruins have scored more and allowed less than washington beat them here and lost 2 games in washington by 2-1 scores without a healthy lineup the team got us his far let them play for the cup 39-8 best record nhl enough said
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    Bigvig, I still fail to see your reasoning why you would trade Savard for Joe T in an instant. I dont trade Savy for Joe T & a first rounder. Savy is better.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    drewski5: Thats cool, its your opinion. All I can say is Thornton has lead the league in scoring since being traded. That means NOBODY, Savard included, has scored more points than Thornton. Not Crosby, not Ovechkin, not Heatley, not Iginla, not Hossa, not Kovalchuk, not Kovalev, not Savard, not Lecavalier....nobody. I fail to see how a stat like that can go unaccounted for. If you wouldnt trade a great assist man for the leagues leading scorer and a TRUE power forward, I wouldnt want you to GM my team if I were the owner.

    Again, I said I love Savy and Im glad he is here. Joe is not here but I still support him. He loved Boston and thought hed play out his entire career here and I respect the man and his game. He is one of the best, arguably THE best, but he is not here. All this talk is just talk, but again, I dont know how people can disrespect such a respectable guy and one of the games best. I dont know how people can speculate and say because Thorntons money was gone it allowed us to sign Chara and Savard. Thats not a fact, other moves could have been made to free up that money.

    Like Ive said NUMEROUS times here, I dont mind Thornton for Sturm, Ference and Kobasew. Thats not a bad trade as I think Sturm COULD put up 30+ goals if he were healthy and I also think Kobasew could put up 30 too if he got more time on a better line. Ference is a top 4 D-Man EASILY so thats not a bad swap, but Joe Thornton couldnt hurt ANY team and I dont think there are many guys in the league that ANY GM wouldnt swap straight up for Joe. He is one of the elite players in the world.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    Bigvig, great points. Allow me to clarify. I would still put Thornton in the top 10 in the NHL. Yes, he's lead the regular season in points since being traded, but I dont think you can ignore the steep drop off in postseason production. Joe's teams never seem to make it past the first round (until last year), and he's not exactly Joe Johnsoning it out there (playing his heart out and being let down by his teammates). In fact, Joe is prob one of the main reasons why that team is consistently being upset in the first round.

    I dont think Joe's a choker (like Arod), but if I was GM, I wouldnt want one of the best goal scorers in the league as a TRUE power forward. To me, those 2 things are mutually exclusive. If Im the head coach, Thornton is in my doghouse every time he drops the gloves. You need a Sean Thorton or a Donald Brashierre for that. I honestly think all his rough and tough play catches up to him by the time the postseason rolls around. IMO, the fact that he tries to act like a powerforward is the primary reason why his postseason stats dont compare to his regular season stats. Theres a lot to be said for keeping your guys fresh. Maybe its San Jose's coaching staff's fault, maybe it's Joe's fault, but the stats overwelmingly suggest he is not Joe Thornton in the postseason. I have a feeling that if acted less as a power forward and more like a goal scorer, we wouldnt see his production cut in half when playoff time rolls around.

    That being said, he is rediuclously talented, as there is no doubt about that. But we are not talking about 1 or 2 postseason let downs. The sample size of mediocre playoff performances is really starting to total up. I hope he does one day win a cup (please dear god, not this year), but if Savard is Savard in the postseason, and Thornton is 60% of Thornton in the postseason, the Bs are better off with my boy Savy.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    70 playoff games, 48 points. Those are bad stats? Also, blaming Joe for post season losses would be like blaming Bourque for Bostons previously poor showings. Bourque was in FAR MORE post season games and didnt win a cup til his last year when he showed how two-faced he was and demanded a trade the year before.

    Blaming 1 guy for the poor post season production of an entire hockey club is utterly ridiculous. Again, if I were building a team from scratch, Id take Joe number 1.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    I hate doing this, but I have to post to see all the posts after mine. Glitchy.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    Bigvig 70 games, 48 points are pretty mediocre stats for any line 1 center. They definately arent Thornton numbers.
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    Im not 100% disagreeing with you....Im just arguing why my top 5 goes:

    and not

    If Thornton performed in the postseason as he did in the regular season, he'd be #1 on my list. Im just justifying why I have him top 5 and not top 1
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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    Joe was never going to lead Boston anywhere.. it was time to move on and try something else.. He was here for almost 8 years and didn't accomplish a hill of beans.. and he had some great talent playing with him as well .. just didn't get the job done , especially in 2003 when we all thought the Bruins were going to the Cup final , they get the double whammy.. lose after being up 3-1 and to the HABS ( still eats at me when I go back in time) .. My last three memories of Joe as a Bruin was seeing that faceoff against NJ in a tie game and losing the draw and Mogilny scores to win the game for NJ.. the way he smiled and laughed when shaking hands with Jose Theodore after being eliminated by the HABS in the first round... and the destruction at the hands of Eric Lindros who kayoed him with one punch and broke his orbital bone .. You wonder then why the Bruins got rid of him..

    Give me Chara over Thorton as captain of this team any day.. this team needed an attitude adjustment.. under Joe it had become a soft Bruins team, nothing even remotely close to the Big Bad Bruins of days gone by, but look at them now.. they play any style you want.. and that is because we have a true leader on the back end...

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    savard 62 pts joe t 57

    Everybody has unfairly knocked Joey T's post season performances since he played in Beantown with fractured ribs. Give it a rest.

    I am on the side of everyone who agrees that Savard, for his pricetag, is an equal option to Thornton. Of course nobody could see him turning into the two way player he is today.

    On another note, as of today David Krejci has one less point than Thornton.