We've all heard the rumor for the #4 pick, and when you consider it, it makes sense. Basically, if the Bruins end up with Seguin, the deal happens. If not, Savvy stays for Hall when he starts to really produce. Now, if the Bruins get Seguin, they will have 3 quality Centers without Savard in Krejci, Bergy, and Seguin. The Bruins would make the deal to unload Savard's salary, and they wouldn't resign Wheeler. Dumping those two would take about 7 million off the cap hit, Savard's 4 mil. and Wheeler should be asking around 3 mil. (though if someone could confirm that Wheeler's cap hit was over 2.5 last year, it would reinforce my prediction). That extra money would be used to resign Boychuck/Stuart (whoever is cheaper), Fowler, Seguin, Paille and Recchi. Then with an extra 2 or 3 million, the Bruins could sign Ray Whitney for one season. With Savard's cap hit gone, Bergy and Chara could be extended after next season.