I would never wish the bruins to lose such key players to injury, but i almost don't mind that they will have to face some adversity like this in the coming weeks (adversity that isn't self-inflicted).  I think that over the next month and a half we will truly find out what this team is made of.  Will they pout and make excuses and let teams embarrass them all the way to the bottom of the standings or will they come together and find a way to make it work with what they have?  I certainly wouldn't EXPECT them to put together any huge winning streaks but i certainly don't want to see them lay down.  If the dumping of under-performing players, the addition of young enthusiastic players, and the temporary loss of savard and lucic aren't enough to motivate everyone on this team to step up their game and bring a better brand of hockey to the rink every night, then this team is dead.  I would like to find this out about this team at this point in the season rather than later. Lets go B's!  sink or swim?!