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State of the Cap: What would you do?

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    Re: State of the Cap: What would you do?

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    With Sturm on LTIR ($3.5M) we can afford to sign both (we also need to sign Campbell) and let it ride to see if Sturm actually comes back. With injuries during the year, we may not have to deal anyone.
    Posted by Espo72

    Agree. I stood by Sturm all season while others bashed him... but I think injuries have caught up with him.
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    Re: State of the Cap: What would you do?

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    The only way Ryder and/or Sturm returns is if none of the forward prospects they've stockpiled in the last three drafts can crack the lineup.  And if that's the case, we as Bruin fans have a much bigger issue to beyatch about than carry over amounts.  Hamill will probably be jettisoned unless they sign him to another 2 way deal sans bonuses.  Colborne, Caron, and Sauve will be on the Hamill path having spent a full season in Providence without showing that they're ready for the bigs.  You could cross out Lehtonen for good at that point.  Arniel will have spent two full years in the A.  That leaves Spooner and Knight.  Not where we want to be. So - I'd guess they're prepared for Ryder and Sturm to walk in most scenarios, meaning they're prepared to spend that bonus money this year and bring in young guys next year - even if those bonuses become hard cap hits.  The only wrench in that plan would be a serious cup run where Ryder or Sturm is the hero after a solid regular season.  I'm talking Cup finals, six games, three decided in OT.  But you know, in that scenario, the Bruins probably couldn't afford to bring them back anyway - sayonara suckers. On the other hand, there's no way the Bruins would be the only team in that predicament.  Take away the option to fill out your roster with low-salary young players and what's left?  Veteran free agents?  So the demand for Trent Whitfield, Metropolit, Moreau goes through the roof, driving their prices up...and who plays? Zach Hamill.  That's who.  The meek shall inherit the NHL.  By which I mean to say that if there is a doomsday year next year, the NHL will be under some kind of pressure to make concessions.
    Posted by Bookboy007

    BB, Like your thoughtful posts.  In your worst case scenario of Sturm and Ryder being Cup heros I think the Bruins can take a page from the Pats/Red Sox.  Sometimes as Chuck Noll used to say "It is time for Joe Greene (read Sturm/Ryder) to get on with his life's work"  We loved Lawyer Milloy, Manny, D Lowe, Ty Law etc. but this is ultimately a business and those guys ship out regardless of their acheivements and team accomplishments year to year.  I look forward to the Bs hoisting the cup and then tragically losing Marco and Michael as UFAs.  We may have to deal Wheeler and Stuart to stock the farm.  WHO CARES!!!
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    Re: State of the Cap: What would you do?

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    NHL Numbers have us at 5.122 cap space missing 2 forwards and a D. Seg - 900K, Wheeler 2.5M, Stuart 2M is 5.4 Add March 821K is 6.2 replacement for Sturm Minus Sturm LTI to Dec? 1.5M leaves 400 K left plus a 490K unused of March when Sturm returns leaves 890 cap left.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ CAPGEEK has us at 2.7M cap includes March 821 needs of 1 FW and 1 D Seg - 900K, Wheeler 2.5M, Stuart 2M is 5.4 Minus Sturm LTI to Dec? 1.5M has an over of 1.2 minus unused 490K of March leaves an over of 710K. Cap geek includes a 1.76M carry-over bonus penalty, (that if not instituted, as it has not been cited anywhere but here, what the final numbers are) would leave a 1.05 M cap space. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We do not have the numbers required to know which is right or even if either is close. Pc seems to be sure that he has the numbers to start the season with the signings of Wheeler and Stuart, we just have to see what they will be.
    Posted by No4BobbyOrr-GOAT

    PC said after the Stuart signing that he make a move to get under the cap if he had too.