The Bruins have made great strides in rebuilding the team and they got a front office now that knows what they are doing, but i personally think that they are still about 2 or 3 players away from being a real contender. They got a great line in boyes, bergeron, a sturm, but i think the second line needs another wing to play with Murray and Savard. Murray needs a good center and a wing to play with like Thornton and Knuble or Thornton and Samsovov were. I think Murray can do great things and he should be a guy to build a line around, but he needs good linemates and without good linemates he's useless on our team. On the thirdline I love Axelsson and I think Donovan is going to be a great addition, but on a good team Wayne Primeau is a fourth line player. He did some good things for us last year, but is a fourth line player. He's a good guy to put out there as an extra attacker down in the game because he's big and he can cause some traffic infront of the net. I think they need three very solid foward lines to succeed and lines 2 and 3 need a guy for the job. I would love to see Peca come to boston, but I doubt we have the cap room. On defense, they could use one more veteran to lead a young crew, but it's not as crucial as the two fowards we need. I think Alberts and M. Stuart are promising. I see this team getting a 7 seed at the highest, but I might be wrong.

Any thoughts??