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Sturm Demoted: Chiarelli needs to go.

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    Re: Sturm Demoted: Chiarelli needs to go.

    chara was an excellent sigining and need 2 resign  u dont find guys who play 30 min and are that effective..hs a bargain at his current price
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    Re: Sturm Demoted: Chiarelli needs to go.

    In Response to Sturm Demoted: Chiarelli needs to go.:
    It is looking more and more evident by the day that Peter Chiarelli while a fine man with good intentions and character is simply not equipped to be an NHL GM. Fresh off signing a 4 year 14 million deal Marco Sturm has been demoted to the third line and possibly fourth line duty by Chiarelli's second coach to date Claude Julien who recently said when asked what is wrong with Sturms game he replied "Everything" Chiarelli has set this team back dramatically with his horrendous signings and trades, he is just not the right GM for the job here in Boston. SIGNINGS: Dave Lewis 4 years (undisclosed) Marco Sturm 4 years $ 14 million Dennis Wideman 4 years $15.75 million Zdeno Chara 5 years $35 million (Chara while a good player played like crap for the first year and a half, played a great second half last year and is now playing like garbage again, a mega albatross on the salary cap) Michael Ryder 3 years $12 million (signed to replace Glen Murray and he is doing just that, unfortunately last years version of Murray. Ryder has just 2 goals on the year and is on pace for a 14 goal season) Trades: Manny Fernandez 2 years $9.25 million (Traded Petr Kalus and a 4th round pick to Min) Milan Jurcina for a 4th round pick (Jurcina is the Caps leader in Mins for a D man) Brandon Bochenski for Kris Versteeg who is now on Chicagos first line Dennis Wideman for Brad Boyes who had 43 goals last year and 7 already this season (Boyes a bargain 40 goal scorer at only $2.5 million a season!) Traded 29 year old Paul Mara for 35 year old Aaron Ward for more years and more money Shean Donovan's expiring contract for Peter Schaefer with 2 more years and 5 million dollars. (Schaefer sent down to the minors)
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    Don't forget signing Lucic for 4 million a year.
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    Re: Sturm Demoted: Chiarelli needs to go.

    ppl talk about sturm he has 9 goals that leads the team with like 2 others so its not sturm bitz needs to go hes worthless id get rid of him he couldnt make a pee wee team if u boston fans dont see this then you dont know hockey at all n go watch a new sport because nobody post about how bad byron bitz is vladimir sobkota 5'9 185 pounds to byron i can skate bitz 6"1 205 is less physcial then sobkota not faster then him not even a better shot why didnt soby play in boston all yr bitz trys to fight its like watching paint dry its awful