The Bruins Report Card So Far....

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    The Bruins Report Card So Far....

    OK well I am going to be as honest as I see it. I have been to every bruins game this year and am a season ticket holder. It is clear that I am a chara-hater,but I will do my best to explain all of my points..I do feel a good topic that needs to be discussed is whether or not the amount of money a player makes should compare to how well they perform. As for myself I think it plays a very large part. I am a die-hard bruins fan and am sick of reading about people calling others names, myself included. We all are bruins fans and we all are searching for one thing and that is a Stanley Cup....So here goes.....

    Marc Savard- A- 8G 30A +4 5 Million

    Savard has played hard all season..shows excellent poise and has great stick handling skills. This year he has also had the hot hand at scoring some key goals and not just putting up the assists...All in all he has done what is expected of him, the only little nitpick is his defensive skills but that is really nitpicking as he is a forward.

    Marco Sturm B 11G 12A +8 3.5 Million

    Sturm has looked amazing at some points and very dead at others. He is paid a good amount of money and is signed for a good amount of time. He is not afraid of laying out some good hits at times either. His defensive side is also his downside. He is a good forchecker but famous for not getting back.

    Glen Murray C- 10G 9A +2 4.15 Million

    Disappointing would be a good word. He has shown some great signs that his electric shot is coming back but without someone to feed him the puck he seems useless. He just seems like another normal average player who is overpaid and under performing. He also is hurt a lot. I don't doubt his effort but I do doubt how much he has left in the tank. I would like to see the bruins look to trade him as he may be helpful to a team like san jose who has his old pal who can set him up.

    Zdeno Chara C 4G 15A +5 7.5 Million

    Lets first state the obvious. He is overpaid and nobody is arguing about that. I use the analogy of a guy who is working as a broker and works on commission. If he does not close accounts he does not get paid. People get fired all the time if they do not perform up to their expectations. On that note he is def a workhorse as he logs up lots of minutes and is going to put up some #'s. Any nhl player logging ice time is bound to put up #'s esp playing on the PP. As far as his defensive skills I think his long reach and big precence does not dismiss his slow skating and ability to turn the puck over esp at the top of the power play. All in all he works hard but needs to be tougher dropping the gloves more. He is not that valuable that if he fights with a guy like laroque and is taken off the ice the bruing automatically loose. I would like to see the bruins trade him if they are out of the playoff hunt at some point but nobody is going to take on the huge salary vs his performance.

    Dennis Wideman A- 4G 10A +9 $600,000

    By far the best defenseman on the ice for the bruins. His #'s almost mimick chara's and look at the difference in salary. It makes me want to throw up...He has a lot of hustle great stick handling skills and can be a good part of the PP. Last year when he came over I saw nothing from him, but this year has been a complete change. He is a smart player also almost never coughing up the puck. I never liked this trade with him and boyes, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I know that boyes has 21 G but he plays on the top line with a true hall of famer in karyia. If he was back on the bruins I am not sure if he would have that much production here. All is all he hits, scores, and plays with grit and determination.

    I will finish this when I have more time but feel free to criticize away and or agree with any of my points but pls no more name calling or singling me out this is just my opinion. I promise I will not take anything personal.

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    The Bruins Report Card So Far....

    come on smitty, pray for a d- like you really want to.
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    The Bruins Report Card So Far....

    lets be clear my screen name is smittyballz without a . after it.. I have only posted the first assessment.. I am not smittyballz with a . just wanted to clarfy.. i will give the rest of my assessment after the game today....
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    The Bruins Report Card So Far....

    thanks for pointing out that smitty no period ballz. sometimes I forget to look for the troll periods. glad all the other boards arn't so busy with the type of trolls that are in here. would rather see trolls come in here and boast about how their team will beat the bruins. Guess the mods don't give a crap.
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    The Bruins Report Card So Far....

    Its funny coachparker cause what we saw of him last year I was like who is this guy.. but every game he plays hard and is the best dman on the ice.. thx..

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    The Bruins Report Card So Far....

    Many good points--I would like to see Wideman hit the net more often--He unfortunately lives up to his name (Wide Man).

    I'm trying not to let this slump bother me as I have to live up to a promise I made myself last year. After watching this team for over 45 years I witnessed the most depressing team I had ever seen last year. I watched a bunch of unmotivated slugs who led the league in comeback losses from sometimes 3 goals up. Nobody hit or stood up for each other. There were no leaders and loosing bothered nobody. The Bruins had become the embarassment of the league and every team in the league feasted on them knowing they would always back down when challenged.

    They still have a long way to go but I'm starting to see some of my wishes from last season come true. A couple of comebacks, a no quit attitude, guys willing to hit and stand up for each other. I can somewhat handle the losses as long as they appear headed in the right direction.

    Not quite sure if it's time to hit the panic button as some are suggesting. If a good trade comes along--fine--but it has to be a steal--If we wind up trading Chara--It better be for Phaneuf.