Ok some team goes and puts all it eggs in the Kovi basket lets say tonight and makes the move and land him as a rental for there cup run. So he suits up for  5 or 6 games or whatever they have before the Olympics.

So now Kovi being the good Russian that he is suits up for the homeland and in a game against I don't know estonia that Russia is winning 13 to 1. Late in the 3rd period Kovi tries to bust down the wing around some slow footed Estonia D-man who is pissed they are getting killed so he sticks out his knee right into Kovi weight bearing knee.

In the city where they rented Kovi all that can be heard is a loud POPPING noise which in this case is not the champange in the locker room, but the sound of a ACL being shreaded along with the hopes and careers of a GM.

Now this is just a fictional stroy but it would make me think about Kovi as a rental.